Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is worse than a sinus headache?

Answer?  A sinus headache that lasts 11 hours, from the minute you wake up, through the meeting you're leading that your CEO is in, through the lunchtime farmer's market stroll (sneeze, sneeze, and sneeze again), and on until you get home and finally remember there's something called Advil that was made for days (sort of) like this.  As you can see, I was so out of it I completely forgot to number today's pic.  I'm sure you can guess what it would have said (3/30).  (I edit pics on a different computer than I blog on 15 hours later.)

This outfit is a tried and true may remember similar outfits here and here.  While it may seem boring, accessories, a good fit, and killer shoes can breathe new life into this classic combo.  Here I've got a statement necklace (which I recently repaired...badly, I must say.  The wire ends were jabbing my neck all day), a bright belt, and gold pumps.  My brain was already so dead this morning that I just threw this on...again, not an item on my planned list.  What in the world am I doing?!?

Halfway through the week...two more days left.  Let's hope this sinus this was a fluke.

What classics do you resort to for need-to-be-professional days and how do you dress them up?


  1. No fun on the sinus headache!

    When I'm desperate and can't function or figure out what to wear, I just go to a classic pair of black pinstripe trousers. They fit perfectly any day (how miraculous) and go with pretty much any top or shoes I own. Since they fit so well, I dont regret my decision later in the day once I've come to my senses again!

    I also love your bright skinny belt! I have a hot pink skinny belt on my "wish list" right now :)

  2. Ugh, I feel for you. Does DayQuil help?

    I usually wear some kind of jacket/blazer with pants for client meetings. It's my safe, go-to outfit!

  3. So sorry about your headache! Hope the Advil kicked in quickly and that you're feeling better now.

    My pencil skirt is a big go-to item when I feel a need to look more professional. Which, concidentally, is what I'm wearing today. :) I styled it with a purple belt and red shoes to make it a little more interesting.

    I think you look perfectly professional and chic!

  4. not laughing at you, but i love the glow you have on all your pictures because it reminds me of sinus headache or allergy med commercials. good times. so sorry you had go through that! the outfit looks totally cute though. way better than my boring go to outfit of grey slacks and black v-neck sweater. i don't even remember how i used to dress it up. that's how boring i was/am.

  5. I hope you feel better. And I also agree that a basic white shirt and a dark colored pencil skirt are pretty necessary in the workplace. Plus, as seperate pieces, they can both go with other things. Your pencil skirt can also be worn with a pretty silk blouse. And your basic white shirt can be paired with pants and a cute skinny belt. Paired together, they are timeless as well!
    I would add a suit jacket to the list of necessary things as well because it can make even a pretty floral dress seem like office wear. :)

  6. my go to classic for these occasions is a little black, brown, and cream patterned dress from macy's. It's made of a silky looking material and it fits like a suit and looks like a dream. Strangely enough it's never been featured on the blog that i can remember. I did, however, wear it to the interview for the job i have now. Not only did i get compliments from both of the interviews, but i like to think it had a little something to do with me getting the job. ha.

    i hear you on the sinus heads... i have them constantly. I have the worst allergies and i have to keep sinus pain medication on me at all times... boooo.

  7. I love this! Totally my kind of style. Simple and chic!

    PS, hopefully you're feeling better. I have awful allergies so I feel stuffed up and achy a lot too :(

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  9. The first picture of you is gorgeous! Hope you feel better.

  10. That skirt is very cute! I am joining the challenge tomorrow so thought I would come say hi and see how you are doing!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  11. Thanks for the well-wishes, gals! Today turned out even worse than yesterday (ugh).

    @ me - Funny you say that about the glow...the lighting in my new cube sucks! That's why I've been more motivated to take photos outside.

  12. This is my tried and true combination. It is very boring. You are absolutely right about how accessories can breathe new life into an outfit.


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