Thursday, July 15, 2010

The elephant in the room

4 + 11 + 17 + 26 + vintage scarf
So I'll confess.  You know that neato braided belt from Monday?  I bought it this weekend.  The same day (and store) that I bought this elephant scarf.  Yes, Kendi, I promised you I wouldn't shop.  But I haven't shopping for clothes in months, and am determined to finish out the next seven-and-a-half months of my clothing shopping ban, so let's just let the accessories slide, okay?  Fine, I won't buy shoes or bags this month either (but after the 30 they're back on the table).

This scarf screamed to me from the hook it was tied to.  It was the colors at first.  Then I looked at the tag and it said "elephant scarf. $7" and I knew I had to untie it to see what was so elephant-y about it.  What a lovely surprise!  Since I don't usually wear scarves completely unfurled, it's like a little secret that I can smile to myself about during the day.  I like how letting it hang under a blazer gives a menswear tie feel.  Once the blazer and scarf come off it's like a whole different outfit.

Everyone, meet my new photographer: my husband K.  Both of the previous photographers I've tried out (both coworkers) are now or soon to be gone (this blog is like a curse, but more on that in a much later post), and while I love my husband dearly, I wanted to spare him the neuroses I have about my blog photos.  He's helped me before in the past, but it never really turned out (the photos or our partnership in creating them). Today was our first outdoor shoot, in the alleyway behind our apartment (prettiest little alley I know of).  Turns out, the lighting was the problem before; all my indoor photos would turn out blurry.  But now we have a new problem--my husband is 11 inches taller than me and so I'm looking up and top-heavy in most of my pics.  Let's just say we're still working out some kinks, but for a first go, I like how today's photos turned out.

If you're a blogger, who takes your outfit photos?  If you're not a blogger -- do you like my elephant?  Be honest.

Just a random sidenote, here is a pic my brother took and tweeted this morning of his pink gingham tie.  I've been trying to convince him to write some posts on guy fashion, but he's too cool living on his own in Houston, working, and spending his free time as a talented musician and photographer to help his big sis out a little.  So I'm just going to share what I can.  Isn't he snazzy?  It must run in the family. :)


  1. Great find! Love the elephant :)

    I usually take my own remix photos with a self-timer on my point-and-shoot or remote with my big camera. Sometimes the hubs takes my photo when we're going out, but he, like yours, is much taller than me so I have had to teach him to crouch down!

  2. Everybody slips up, lady. All part of the process. And that elephant scarf is a fab find!

  3. I love that scarf!! And I don't mind that you bought accessories at all :)

    This outfit is really cute :)

  4. My husband usually takes my photos, but when he can't I have a huge mirror I use by myself.

  5. i love that scarf!!! & my husband usually takes my pictures and we def do not have any photography xoxo

  6. I take my pictures my self using the self timer and right now, I'm getting a strong F for photographic skills :)

  7. i love these pictures, the green accent wall is a great visual pop of color :) i think the scarf is a great idea, i personally prefer more patterned or solid color scarves. and bravo to the little bro for his confidence in himself for pulling off a pink tie! woot!

  8. Thanks for the link! You are so cute. I love blogs as well :) My husband takes pictures for me too, but a lot of times I take my own (hence the red wall in all the pics haha) using the self-timer feature (and tri-pod if I'm feeling adventurous). That scarf is amazing!

  9. That is a great scarf! I love the colors and the elephant pattern!

    I also use a self-timer on a point and shoot. I think my best shots came out when the camera was positioned a little above waist height. I used a textbook positioned on top of a stepladder since I don't have a tripod. (Recently I've been using my dining table but it's a little short. Seems that I'm always experimenting!)

  10. i love the elephant!! :) and your new photographer. i think your smile is bigger when K is shooting you. love the last shot where you're pretending not to notice him!

    for self-portraits, i use PhotoBooth. and i also have really long arms, so i'm pretty good at taking digicam photos of myself too.

  11. I LOVE the scarf under the blazer! I have to try that sometime.

    My husband usually takes my pictures, but he's never seen any other fashion blogs and probably thinks I'm insane for writing mine, so I get about two shots, two poses, and that's it.

    I need a tripod and a timer. :)

  12. @ Engineer - What a creative set-up! I used to take my pictures in my cubicle with my camera on top of a dictionary on my desk. People must have thought I was dumb for always having a dictionary handy.

    @ Annie - It definitely is easier to smile and charm your husband than it is a random coworker. :) Love your long arms!

    @ Melissa - My husband totally doesn't get it either. He either gets all huffy for taking the same photos over and over again or he starts laughing because it's so ridiculous.

  13. I take all of my photos unless I am somewhere without my tripod and then I grab my husband or Mom to take photos for me.


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