Friday, July 2, 2010

Show some skin

I love me some good pumps for the office, but now that it's summer, they sometimes feel a little tight and closed-up, right?  Peep-toes can get you so far, and some offices do allow sandal-type heels, for what for those who can't?

Enter the D'Orsay pump.  Much like how strappy gladiator heels are like ventilated peep-toes, these are how you ventilate closed-toes (although they do make peep-toe versions, too).  A D'Orsay is categorized by a showing of the arch.  Sometimes, but not always, the cutout for the arch is mirrored on the outside edge of the foot as well.

Where do these fit in to the business environment?  Well, if you choose a closed-toe version, it is basically acceptable for any office situation.  But those cut-outs...oh, those cut-outs.  They're like a little peek of skin, adding a subtle sexiness to even the most buttoned-up outfit.  Next time, pay attention to a woman's shoes; the lady in a turtleneck, pants, and D'Orsays probably has something interesting to say.

Here are my D'Orsay picks:

Clockwise from top left: Carlos Santana, Nine West, Nine West, Nine West, Aldo, Bandolino

My faves are top row, center, but they don't have my size.  Oh darn.

Do D'Orsay heels count as conservative enough in your book? 


  1. Yeah i think they count as conservative - i think it's the whole toe cleavage thing that offices have a problem with! I love the red pair, too.

  2. Oh, I love these! My office doesn't allow even peep toe, so the closed-toe versions of these would be absolutely PERFECT.

  3. i really like those aldo pumps. i bought some beautiful satin ribbon tahari pumps at marshalls the other day, but forced myself to return them since i don't need them and i shouldn't be purchasing any more clothing or accessories. it took a great deal of willpower.

  4. @ fashionjunkie - I think you're right...the arch is pretty safe even to expose.

    @ melissa - Glad to help!

    @ me - Good job on the return! When I used to shop, I was a compulsive buyer but was also a frequent returner. Sometimes just having them home and seeing how an item doesn't jive with the rest of your closet is just what you need.


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