Monday, July 26, 2010

Make Believe Monday | White pants

Even though I'm wearing a lot of skirts lately for summer, I am a pants girl at heart.  There's just something about not worrying about modesty when sitting that makes things so much easier (not having to cross their ankles just so? One point to the boys).  While I've tried pants of nearly every shape and style, one style I have yet to try (at least in post-elementary school memory) is white pants.  And this summer they're everywhere, including the blogosphere.  Check out Kendi Everyday, Jill, Keira from A Pretty Penny, Emily from The Daily Fashionista, PinQue, and Closet Cravings.  After seeing how versatile white pants can be, I really want some of my own.

Cropped, trouser, or skinny, white pants just add a touch of polish to any outfit. Some tips on white pants:
  • Make sure the fabric is substantial enough for minimal show through.  One way to check: look at the pockets.  If there is a big difference between the whiteness of the pants at the pocket and the rest of the pants, they are too thin.
  • Find the right fit.  Structured fabrics such as denim and linen will skim over your curves nicely, while overly spandex-laden ones will cling unattractively. slims, but white, not so much.
  • Wear the right undergarments (even if your pants are thick).
  • Fit is key...make sure the length of the pants don't drag on the floor. While it may be fine for your jeans, white pants won't take abuse so well.
  • If you're looking for white work pants, make sure they are lined. It will diminish show-through and help the fabric fall nicely.
Here are some of my white pant picks.  First up, a classic boot-cut jean.  I would wear these for casual Friday with a crisp print button-up and some colorful shoes.

Trouser cuts would look great with a navy blazer and some pointy-toed pumps.

 These crisp crops would fly with flip flops on weekends and flats for a casual office look.

Do you have white pants? How do you style them for work? for play?


  1. I have two pairs, one is a pair of trousers that I've really only worn to work and the other are skinny jeans. I've worn both on my blog but only a handful of times. I should wear them more often, I really like white pants!

  2. Yes, love them in the summer! I have a white boot-cut jean and an ankle-length cotton/spandex pair. Since I wear the ankle pants a lot, I have a couple of outfit posts on my blog showing how I style them.

  3. I LOVE pants and I have no problem wearing them in the summer! I'm totally comfortable (unless it's EXTREMELY HOT outside). I don't have a pair of white pants but I really like the look of them!

  4. i've been thinking the same exact thing! but im such a klutz, i'd get these dirty within minutes of wearing them. how cruddy would that be? but i love how clean they look, and how summer-y!

  5. I'm on the lookout for a fabulous pair of white jeans. Probably wont get them in time for summer. Bummer.

  6. I have been thinking about white pants, but I'm afraid I'll get them dirty before I even leave the house. I love the look though!

  7. I have a straight leg pair of white jeans and they work great for summer. Wedges and a bright billowly blouse makes it so easy on those warm summer days! =)

  8. I have two pairs, actually--trouser-cut white jeans from J.Crew Factory Store & white chinos from GAP Outlet (which I got just before the 30 for 30 for $11...why didn't I pick them as one of my 30 items?!). Love them both! I generally reserve the jeans for casual wear and the chinos for a casual friday.

  9. I have some white pants from BR which I love, but I hardly ever wear them because I am afraid I will stain them. I have a serious clothes-staining problem, and being an elementary school teacher doesn't help.

  10. Alright, I shall try again. (I tried to leave you comment yesterday, but the computer fought me the whole time).

    I own 2 pairs of white paints, one is a nice pair from Ann Taylor, and the other are Michael Kors jeans (I got them deeply, DEEPLY discounted).
    I've said it before- I'm not really a white pants girl, but I really like the two pairs I own. I just stay away from mustard, anything red and pens when I wear them.

    I'm a very messy person, but I find that I am often much more clumsy when I think about trying to stay clean. So, I just hide everything that could stain me, and I keep a Tide pen at work, and I'm usually ok! :)

    If you can wear light colored chinos or khakis, you can get away with white pants, at least that's how I feel! (My black cat says otherwise...)

  11. Wow it sounds like a lot of you gals have them! Confession: I just remembered I actually do own a pair of white pants...they are corduroy trousers from Ann Taylor that I bought on sale about 5 years ago. Don't ask me what I was thinking. They don't fit very well right now but maybe they will by fall, since corduroy is definitely not a summer fabric.

  12. ooh yes, i love white pants too! i've always wanted a pair, but i'm afraid i'm simply too dirty. ...and too lazy. i'm forever wanted to sit down, even if it is in the middle of the store, or street, or parking lot...


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