Monday, July 19, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Cap-sleeved dress

It's no secret that I love sheath and shift dresses.  Many of these dresses, however, are sleeveless, and since cardigans are a pain in the bottom for me to find, dresses with some kind of sleeve really come in handy.  Since it's summer, a nice cap-sleeved dress would really be a great addition to my wardrobe (just imagine, okay, since I can't shop).

Cap-sleeves are just a tad less revealing that a sleeveless dress. The sleeve only covers the top, while the underarm portion is the same as a sleeveless, hence the name "cap-sleeve."  These are a great way to aerate (you know what I mean) while still maintaining enough modesty for the office.  My only beef about cap-sleeves: different retailers categorize them at "sleeveless" and "short sleeve," meaning you have browse all of their dresses to find all the cap-sleeve options (some are labeled "cap-sleeve" but not all).

Here are some of my picks. I love the volume in the skirt on this Evan Piccone dress.  I would also look belted (thick or thin).

I love the A-line skirt on this one, and it has a a really neat placket (click through for the close-ups).

The print and the knot at the waist make this work number super-forgiving, even after a big lunch.

I love the fun bow detail...I think the smile comes with the dress.

Are you a cap-sleeve kind of girl or is it more black and white (err, sleeveless and short-sleeve) for you?


  1. I love cap sleeves!

    I saw that Merona dress at Target last week, and it is beautiful! Very nice and well made, and the rouched detail is made from really pretty organza-like ribbon. I have plenty of dresses I dont wear, so I'm trying to control myself on the dress buying...otherwise I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat!

  2. I love the first and last dress. The bow on the last one is adorable and feminine!

  3. You temptress! I want ALL of these!

  4. I love cap sleeve dresses, but I have always had the problem that the torso of dresses are to long, so the shoulders of a dress stands up off my shoulder alittle. Because of that I haven't been able to find many cap sleeve shift dresses that dont need major tayloring. But I love the idea, and the first dress!

  5. i wish my arms were small enough to pull off cap sleeves without looking ginormous. does that answer your question? :D

  6. I love cap sleeves, but I'm like the above commenter, my arms look huge in them :(

    xoxo Maria

  7. I love cap sleeves...I have to be picky with the cut of the "cap?". I have muscular arms, so sleeves of any kind have to be roomy enough for me.

  8. I'll echo everyone else that left a comment :) I love cap sleeves! I never wear sleeveless anything, so they are perfect for me during summer weather.

  9. as you know by now, i am a big fan of your emerald-green cap sleeve dress! i have always been a fan of capsleeves, especially when paired with a boatneck (sort of like #3, ralph lauren). i find capsleeves to be extremely flattering, elongating the neckline and framing the upper body nicely.

  10. Hmmm...I've never thought about the arm comment, but I think the cut of the cap probably makes a difference. I feel like sleeveless dresses run the same problem then, no?


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