Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Heart Blogs

Yes I do.  I heart blogs.  How about you?

I've got a confession.  I"m obsessed with reading blogs.  Fashion blogs.  Design blogs.  Social media blogs.  Nonprofit marketing blogs.  Food blogs.  Photo blogs.  Friends' blogs.  Sports blogs.  Local blogs.

My Google Reader is subscribed to 271 blogs.  Plus I have about 4-5 send via RSS to my work email each morning.  They couldn't all fit on my blogroll.  So when Stylish Kids in Riot invited the IFB community to participate in a massive blog love effort, I jumped at the chance.  I'm here to share 10 of my daily blog reads, some more well known than others, in alphabetical order so I'm not playing favorites.  Check 'em out.

Fashion blogs
  • A Pretty Penny.  This gal has serious style.  I just love her looks.  There are a lot of fashion bloggers who dress pretty but I just can't see myself dressed in their clothes.  I wish I could dress like Keira every day.
  • All About AJ. I discovered this blog through Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge; she is a fellow participant.  And she is absolutely darling.  She even made her own shirt.
  • Cubicle Chic. Talk about a shared passion...these girls are also in the business of showing that office fashion doesn't have to be boring.  Meredith and Lindsay (and the Gentleman) dish out good style advice and drive me insanely jealous with their NYC lifestyle.  I miss that city so badly I could cry.
  • Seven Dollar Pants.  Want fashion that's bold and fabulous?  These gals from the land up north have it.  From 80s fashion to office-appropriate looks, these gals are fun and they're not afraid to show it.
  • Third Floor Closet. Another new find through the 30 for 30 challenge.  I love Jeanna's's classic and chic through and through (and her apartment looks amazing, too).

Non-fashion blogs
  • Bows & Sparrows. If you like things that are pleasing to the eye, Erin's blog is the place to go.  This Sacramento gal finds the neatest things you never knew you needed (but really really really want once you know about them).  Plus she's funny and cute.
  • Cool Infographics. I am such a sucker for a good infographic (information and data portrayed graphically).  While I'm not primarily a visual learner, I really appreciate a good infographic.  And as a professional who deals with publications and the dissemination of information, the visual stimulation is inspiring and makes me think twice before I try to graphically represent something.
  • Sociological Images. This blog really has quite the intellectual sociological bent, here, and I'm talking the real deal.  While a lot of the discussion goes over my head (I've never taken a sociology class before and to be honest am not entirely sure what the study is all about), the posts really cause me to think about how society portrays different groups and how those portrayals shape our behavior. Just a warning: not always safe for work.
  • Where My Heart Resides. Okay, I may be biased here.  Ashlee is a good friend of mine and I just absolutely adore her.  She blogs about life, love, friendship, and believing in yourself.  I come away from each post with hope in my heart and a smile on my face. One of my favorite features of late has been the alphabet project.
  • Zen Habits.  In this hectic world, sometimes you just need a little reminder to stop, slow down, and meditate a little (not necessarily in a hippie way, but you can if you want). Zen Habits is where I go for good brain food when my point of view gets too twisted around from trying to be everywhere and do everything at once.

How many blogs do you read? Which are your favorites?


  1. Aww and I adore YOU and your blog! You need to make a blog button!

  2. All these are new to me! I will check them out. I am following 65 blogs on Blogger, I try to edit it every once in a while because I feel like I may go crazy. I really like nail polish blogs like Babbling Brooke, and All Lacquered Up. Also as far as fashion blogs I follow Already Pretty, and Spoils of Wear.

    I like your blog because it is about being fashionable at the office, which is mostly what I am concerned about, and there aren't very many out there (that I've found!). Keep up the great work!

  3. Nice! Thanks for some new adds to my Reader :)

  4. Thanks for the love, Angeline! You're adorable. :)

  5. Thanks so much, Angeline! I really enjoy your blog, too. When I worked in a really corporate job, I always wanted someone to share work-appropriate attire advice with, and your blog is such a great resource for working girls that don't want to be dowdy and plain ;) Keep up the great work with the 30/30 challenge!

  6. this is such a wonderful idea! I am definitely going to do this, it wont be up today, but I always love a chance to give love to the blogs I read!

  7. Thanks so much for including me on your list, Angeline! Your blog has become a daily read for me as well (also through the 30 for 30). I love that it focuses on office-appropriate attire since that's what I'm wearing about 90% of the time! Your blog is great!

  8. You ladies are the gems! Sucks I only had space for a few. I have to update my links soon!

  9. Thanks so much!!! Honestly, this warms our heart.
    With love from Toronto!

  10. i love (tho it often crashes before loading...). it's a site where you can bookmark all your favorite internet images. you just install a bookmarklet to your browser toolbar, and when you see something you like, you click the bookmarklet so that little window things pop up, and you click on the image. then it's saved in one place so you can forever go back and look it up. genius!


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