Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Black and tan

It was going to be brown and tan today, but I put on a black undershirt (which is technically part of my pajamas so doesn't count in my 30), and it just spiralled from there.  On went the black shoes and black belt.

And that was day two of the challenge and day two of deviating from the plan.  I had planned this outfit with different shoes and without a cardigan.  But it was (only) 70 degrees this morning...too cold to walk around sleeveless and open-toed.  Then the black thing happened, so it was closed-toed shoes (my black peep-toes didn't make the cut), and I only chose three outerwear items, so cardigan it was.  Plus the belt for fun.

Seeing that it was 93 degrees today and I kept my sweater on, I'm wondering if I should have chosen more long-sleeved items.  I only included two.

After work I headed to my friend's child's one-year-old birthday party (so adorable) and then to Bible study.  I adjusted by losing the cardigan and swapping the pants and heels for the shorts and sandals from yesterday.  So creative. 

How is your challenge going (if you're doing it)?  Any regrets so far?

If you're not on the challenge, that's one item you don't think you could live without (specifically, not "pants" or "a shirt")?

p.s. Like the pics?  I've been bribing asking my coworker J to help me out a bit during our thrice-daily car-moving breaks.  After one or two really awkward sessions ("Can you get some detail shots?" " you want something other than this post?") I sent him a list of fashion blogs to read.  When I asked today he said he hadn't read any yet, but these pics look like he knew what he was doing.

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  1. Great photos! That's excellent that your coworker is willing to lend a hand. Although I do enjoy the shots in the cubicle, too. They have a great office feel.

    - Meredith

  2. The new pics are great! He must've read some blogs... :)
    And, the outfit is lovely!

  3. I think he read the blogs, liked them, and doesn't want to admit it. :)

    I love the black and tan with the pop of red! That has my wheels turning...I may have to try that soon...

  4. Thanks ladies! I think I will keep mixing it up between cubicle and outdoor pics...I feel bad asking him everyday. The hubs and I are on the market for a slightly better camera, at which point I'm hoping he will take interest in photography and start taking my pics (totally jealous of other bloggers whose bfs/husbands are photographically talented).

  5. I am still doing alright with the challenge, but I wish I would have PLANNED my outfits when I picked out the 30 pieces. I am just winging it. :)

    You look cute!

  6. Thx Ady! I'm sure it's not too late for you to plan out more outfits and maybe even swap out some items you haven't worn yet (that's not cheating, right, if you still stay within 30? ) ;)

  7. I'm glad you have found someone to help take your pics!

    I think that the remix is going well so far, although it really is just the beginning. I am worried about the tail end and how I will still be creative with my outfits!

  8. @ emily - I was feeling good so far, too, but am also getting a little worried. I guess we'll see! Either my outfits will get really really boring and I'll rewear the same outfits with different shoes, or I will go completely crazy and not match anything. Hahha.


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