Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So close I can see it

Gap blazer (11) + BR top (9) + Rockabilly jeans (17) + Calvin Klein pumps (26) + Forever 21 necklace + random chains
Ann Taylor Loft top (3) + BR Factory pants (14) + Nina pumps (29) + gifted pearls

One week left. So close I can see the end. I already know what I'm going to wear first when can access the rest of my closet again: my trouser jeans, flip flops, and blue and white striped oxford.  So excited.

Both of these outfits left me feeling mediocre, but nonetheless dressed for work. That is the end goal right? The looking pretty and feeling good part are definite pluses, but somehow both of these elements slipped out of my life this weekend and I'm still waiting for them to return. Hey, everyone needs a vacation from time to time.

Although most challenge participants are only giving up shopping for 30 days, I'm still on my clothes shopping diet for seven more months.  To be honest, I really don't miss the shopping.  I have this thing where I don't like to spend money because sometimes it's just inconvenient.  Driving all the way to the mall to buy a $5 trinket from F21?  Too lazy.  Paying for shipping from my home computer? Not worth it.  Half the time I don't shop because I'm just too darn lazy to.  There are very few things that I've thought to myself "if only I wasn't on this diet, I would have to have that" (you know of one of them).  Why is it that we shop then? To get the latest look?  Meh.  To replace a basic/classic that's worn out? Yeah, but I loath the hunt for the perfect replacement. For retail therapy? I can identify with that one.

How do you feel about shopping?  Why do you do it (or not)?


  1. Eeeeep day 23 is soo exciting isn't it!? Almost done!

    I am contemplating continuing my 'no shopping' after the 30 days as well. We'll see how that goes!

    Your outfits are very cute! Yellow is a great colour on you.


  2. I've been thinking a lot about shopping diets and why I shop too. I actually wrote about it a little for my post today, LOL.

    I also can't wait to be done with the 30!! :)

  3. I totally shop for retail therapy... Plus I just really like spending money, which is not such a good thing most of the time. I agree that finding the perfect replacement for something worn out is a nightmare.

  4. I think self-imposed shopping bans are a good idea, to not get too caught up in materialism, and work with what you have. I shop because I love it, because I want to add to my wardrobe, or I find something really cute that fits my style. But I am not an impulse buyer, I think about it for a while, or for days, or for weeks, first, and sometimes I have to save money for something I really want.

  5. This may sound ridiculous, but I enjoyed shopping much more before I got married! Knowing that I have to answer to another person and that I'm not just spending my own money anymore makes me evaluate each purchase differently than I did pre-wedding. I wasn't a spendthrift before (by any stretch), but I'm much more...responsible?...and picky with my purchases than I was before. (For instance, last year, I thought "Should I buy this dress or save the money for the we-want-a-new-house fund?" This year, it was "Dress or patio/fence fund?")

    To be honest, these days I get the most enjoyment out of shopping for gifts for others [shopping + no guilt because it's not for you = :) ]

  6. Thanks for the responses,'s always interesting hearing different perspectives and reasons to shop.


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