Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucky charms

Loft blazer - 2010 - $90 in a moment of weakness (similar) / Banana Republic shirt - 2009 - $20 on sale (similar) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $18 on sale (similar) / Blake Scott red pumps via Off Broadway or DSW - 2010 - $40 (similar) / Grouse and Badger typewriter ring - 2010 - $5 (similar) / Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar)

If you were to see my kitchen, you would think K and I were cereal fiends. That's only half true. K is a cereal fiend. I, on the other hand, eat only Lucky Charms, and only on weekends. True story.

I've been trying to post outfits as they come up, but since I'm on vacay right now and I happened to have this in the archives, this is what you're getting. This was my St. Patrick's Day outfit. There's some green (see the ring on the chain?). I escaped any pinching (although pinching in the workplace is awkward to begin with--just say no).

This blazer isn't as weird as it looks in pictures--I just apparently don't know how to model it right. It is super-cute when my arms aren't all out to the sides pulling at it. This was my first cheat from my shopping diet (along with the matching skirt), which in hindsight is a) too short and b) too wrinkle-prone to be work appropriate. So the skirt now has new life for casual wear, and this blazer has been added to my blazer collection.

What worked
Just a basic trouser-jean outfit. I like how the blazer sort of dresses it up. And of course the green and red combo (one of my faves...just keep them separated by other colors to avoid the holiday look).

What didn't
Just a basic trouser-jean outfit. Nothing special.

Do you ever buy a piece (or pieces) only to find out later they don't work how you wanted them to? How have you re-purposed them for other situations?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tweaking and speaking

H&M Cardigan - 2009 - $30 (similar) / Old Navy ruffled top - Linley's (similar) / Mossimo microrib tank via Target - 2011 - $9 (available) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $18 on sale (similar) / Gap belt - 2010 - $10 on sale (similar) / Enzo Angiolini peep-toes via Nordstrom - 2007 - $70 on sale (similar) / Yellow nail polish via Urban Outfitters - 2011 - $4 on sale (similar)

If you're following Linley (and I hope you are), you'll know that we recently did a roundabout swap. I lucked out an got Linley's package of clothes to remix and style. The package poured out a load of colors and fun fabrics, but this top stood out to me (and may even get a second pass before I send it back). If Sarah's leather shorts don't make it back to her, Linley's top might not either. I've actually already scoured ebay and Smashion to see if anyone else grabbed this top and changed their mind (no luck...yet).

I mentioned the nice high waist of these trousers before, but was searching for just the right top that wouldn't make the whole get-up too retro. Enter the ruffles and dots. About halfway through the day I realized I'd seen something like this before...on Linley. I was right: she wore a very similar outfit here. Thanks, Linley, for sending over some of your style in that swap package. I didn't even notice when it seeped into my brain. I may not give that back, either.

What worked
This would make a great Casual Friday outfit for offices that allow jeans. I wore this on a Monday (when most of the office folks were out of a conference and I was stuffing a lot of envelopes). I love the few pops of color on an otherwise basic outfit. Not only with the belt, but with my toes. Fun color, yeah?

What didn't
Hmm...not much, really. Maybe a better hair day would have been nice. :)

Have you ever recreated (intentionally or not) something you've seen on a blog or in a magazine or catalog?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cookie season

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual gap old navy brown
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual gap old navy brown
Calvin Klein striped button-up - hand me down (similar) / Old Navy knit vest - 2008 - $10 on sale (similar) / Gap outlet wide-leg trousers - 2009 - $15 on sale (similar) / Nina pumps via Ross - 2009 - $16 on sale (similar) / Belt - 2010 - swapped (similar)

Well, it's not quite cookie season anymore, but it was recently Girl Scout cookie season, meaning there are still (a few) cookie boxes on my shelves at home. This outfit totally reminds me of Brownie Girl Scout uniforms past. I was only a Brownie for one year (I joined right before the whole troop moved up to Juniors), so I never had my own uniform, but I remember my friend Stephanie letting me borrow one of hers (why she had more than one I'll never know). In high school, we used our cookie money earnings to go on a cruise to Ensenada, so I totally support cookie season. I can't wait until (one day far into the future) I have a daughter and can be a Girl Scout leader myself. I think we'll hit up Hawaii instead, though (Ensenada is bo-ring).

What worked
Although the color palette is definitely more on the muted side, I really liked the layering of browns and grays. The belt and the bow pumps are a fun pop.

What didn't
Again with the wrinkles. You must think I don't own an iron. I do. I avoid ironing, but really that just means I don't wear the item for way longer than it already sat in the hamper. These wrinkles are my daily desk-job wrinkles. I take my photos when I get home, which is after nine hours of sitting in front of a computer and one hour sitting in my car (half-hour commute each way). I also run "hot" (body temp wise), which I think just exacerbates the problem (it's like I've ironed in the creases). I have yet to meet a fabric that can withstand all my sitting.

How do you battle desk-job (clothing) wrinkles?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Herringbone? Houndstooth? Huh?

As most of the Northern Hemisphere is in the process of transforming into spring (according to Punxsutawney Phil, anyway, liar that he is), here in good ol' California it's like we're back in the bowels of January again. So what better topic than to discuss the warm and woolly tweed prints of houndstooth and herringbone (and their kin).

What these textiles have in common is that they consist of at least two colors, or two shades of the same color. This variation adds a nice depth to them, which offsets the heaviness of the fabric. As prints, they can be on any kind of fabric, really, but traditionally these are wood textiles.

This is probably the most common of the prints mentioned today because it is the most subtle (or can be, at least). Herringbone is a vertical print where the columns are alternating diagonals (up, down, up, down), forming little Vs and upside-down Vs. Herringbone can range from super-thin lines (these are the ones that are more subtle) to super-thick (louder and more fun). Usually this is just a two-color pattern, although sometimes it can be a single tone (still has the texture).

Houndtooth is a very distinctive pattern that reads more diagonally. Most often a duotone, houndstooth looks like a checkered pattern in which every other block is a diagonal mix of both colors (it also often reads as abstract angular shapes). Much like herringbone, it is most subtle when it is small.

Glen Plaid
Glen plaid is another subtle textile that gets its name from plaid prints, but really is rather different. It is lumped along with houndstooth and herringbone because of its construction--what appear to be lines in a regular plaid pattern are actually broken. Glen plaid is often made up of more than two colors on a more neutral base.

How to tell them apart
  • Herringbone print looks like columns of fishtail braids next to each other (get it? fish? herring?).
  • Houndstooth is a little jagged, like teeth.
  • Glen Plaid has varying areas of tight print and loose print in squarish forms. Glens are narrow valleys, and the alternating tight and loose can be read like a topographic map (ok, this one is a stretch. I actually though glens were patches of trees, which would make more sense. Choose whichever method helps you best).

Which is your favorite tweedy textile? Is it one of the above or something else?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 03.25.11

The Latin Music Legends stamps we're using for our photo contest mail-outs. We always look for stamps that are either California or photography related. These were painted by a San Diego-based artist whose wife is a community college professor.

I'm in a really whiny mood, so I'll spare you. Let's get to the links.

Fashion and style
Career and office
After hours
What were your favorite reads this week? 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Gap ruffled cardigan - 2011 - $20 (available) / Mossimo tank via Target - 2008 - $7 (similar) / Old Navy trousers - 2006 - $6 (similar) / Blake Scott heels via Off Broadway - 2010 - $40 (similar) / Studded belt - 2010 - swapped (similar) / Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar) / Rings on a chain, paperclip

I think I need to join a support group for ruffle-lovers (not to be confused with Ruffles-lovers, although those are also very good). When Gap held their annual Give & Get sale this weekend, I had to go. So I grabbed my umbrella and trekked the two blocks to the Gap in the rain (yes, I have a Gap within walking distance. This could get dangerous). This cardigan was one of the casualties. And it is so. soft. Like, so soft. And I've been jonesin' for some saturated blue, which until this point was wholly lacking in my closet.

What worked
The sweater! And the fact that I belted it. It's an open cardigan (no buttons), so with the volume of the trouser, a belt was totally needed to give the outfit some shape.

What didn't
Belting an open cardigan is trickier than it looks. See the paperclip in the last pic? Yup. That's the trick.

What are your favorite wardrobe tips for keeping stuff in place?

Calm before the storm

Mossimo dress via Target - 2011 - $20 (similar) / Enzo Angiolini Siobhan pumps via Piperlime - 2010 - $35 (available) / Natural pearl necklace - 2007 - gift (similar)

So after a few days (maybe weeks even) of great weather, the storms are a-rolling back into California. I wore this on Monday, the only foreseeable dry day this week. It was one of those Monday mornings where I woke up feeling like I'd been steamrolled by my weekend. I sort of had--spent 16 hours in Stockton on Saturday helping put on a bridal shower for my college roomie and catching up with friends and had a late Sunday night with some of our closest church buddies. Super fun. Super tired.

This dress was one of my first in-person purchases after my shopping diet (along with the trouser jeans). Like Target lace skirt was for more casual bloggers, this dress is for the 9-5 crowd. I've already seen it on Ashley (hey, it's double-Ashley day!) and Vanessa, and it was mentioned a few times in the comments on Corporette recently. Let me tell you--it is worth every cent. Regularly priced at $29.99 (I got it on sale--duh), it is a nice heavy herringbone and is fully lined. I was worried about the wide neckline, but it actually wasn't that bad. It's out of stock online, but it may be in your local store (and it is almost definitely on clearance there).

For my Sactown biker babes--I know I'm not nearly as cool as you, but I do own a bike. Here it is! Maybe someday I'll have to bring it out to Sac and ride with y'all.

What worked
I love the fit and the length of this dress. I really feel the knee-length (really knee-length--not barely above, not barely below) is the most flattering length of dress. It hits at the smallest point of my leg, and just makes my calves look great (the heels help, too). The above-the-knee skirts that are all the rage in stores now really make it difficult to find this length (even in suits! So frustrating. But that's another rant for another day).

What didn't
Nothing, really, although I have a ton of ideas on how to wear this in the future. Another reason to love sheath dresses--they're a blank slate.

What is your favorite length of dress or skirt? Why?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Self-promotion: How to do it right [Guest post]

I'm excited to be guest posting for The New Professional! A reader asked, "If I'm talking to a client about a management issue they face which I'm helping to address (i.e. managing priorities), and they identify that there is a service they need (i.e. some graphic work), and my company provides that service, how do I tell them without sounding overly self serving / self promoting?" It's a great question, and as a marketer who's done some freelance work as well, I've tackled it a few times myself.

First, recognize that the client has a problem, and they've openly discussed the problem with you. Therefore, they are most likely going to be open to any solution you might be able to offer. It's not self-serving or self-promoting if you can offer a legitimate solution to a problem that they've mentioned to you. If it were completely off-topic, you might run into this problem, but since they're related, the client will most likely be appreciative of you mentioning that your company also offers XYZ service. I’ve found this to be generally true if you already have some type of business relationship.

Second, offer the additional services in the course of conversation, instead of bringing it up separately. For example, when they mention that they need graphic design work done, you might say, "I can help you work that into the management strategy we're creating. If you don't already have a firm in mind to provide these services, our company offers graphic design services. Would you like me to get a quote for you (or have the account representative send over some information if it's in a completely separate department)?" This gives them an out if they already have someone in mind, but it lets them know that you can meet their needs. This information is completely relevant to the strategy you're working on, and a problem that they currently have, so it won't seem like you're trying to "sell" them a new, unnecessary service. Again, generally true that as long as you bring it up without pressure or making them feel like they can’t say “no”, most potential clients are open to at least hearing your pricing or seeing your work.

Finally, if you're still concerned that you'll come off as self-promoting, you might offer to send them a few recommendations about companies that can meet their needs. You can certainly include your company in this list, but giving several options will re-enforce that you are trying to do what's best for the client, not increase leads or commission for yourself. Since you've established this level of trust, the client will be more likely to choose to work with your company. Working with you on an additional portion of a project will be easier for the client, since the billing is already set up, they already have a trusted contact, and you already know about their strategy and other needs. If you decide to go this route, I think you can include some portfolio samples from your company, and links to the other companies. This will help your company stand out, since the visuals are always more eye-catching than verbiage or links. This might be the most preferred method if you are trying to establish a new client relationship, or bringing up your services for the first time. It offers a no-pressure situation, and builds the relationship for future endeavors.

While it may sound counter-intuitive, I don't think bringing up your firm's offering to meet an overtly expressed need is overly self-serving or self-promoting. I think you can mention it casually as one of many options, so that your client won't feel uneasy if they do not wish to use your firm's design services. However, when you do a lot to provide great service to your clients, I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that you can offer a solution to meet their needs!

Ashley Faus is the blogger behind Consciously Corporate. A marketing professional by day, Ashley's blog discusses the intersection between personal and professional.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Officially spring (and more ruffles)

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional loft cardigan skirt vintage belt nine west boots business casual
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional loft cardigan skirt vintage belt nine west boots business casual
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional loft cardigan skirt vintage belt nine west boots business casual
Ruffled blouse via Gottschalks - 2009 - $12 (similar) / LOFT cardigan - 2010 - gift (similar) / LOFT pencil skirt - 2009 - $13 (similar) / Nine West outlet boots - 2009 - $50 (similar) / Vintage belt via Bows and Arrows - 2010 - $12 (similar) / Premier Designs faux pearl drop earrings - 2010 - $20 (similar)

It's officially springtime! And to backpack on to yesterday's post, here is an outfit I recently put together with the ruffled blouse (it wasn't uploaded yet when I wrote yesterday's post so I totally forgot to include it).  This is from last week. I woke up and was playing on my phone in bed, like most people do (right?), and I saw that LOFT had uploaded a whole Facebook album of bloggers wearing their cardigans. A light came on in my head--I HAVE one of their cardigans! Oh joy.

Now how the heck do I get in that album? I'm wearing a LOFT skirt, too. Pretty please?

What worked
The colors, the proportions. Especially with a sort of boxy skirt, the belt was a must and kept the look from being too frumpy. Keeping the collar open also helped (although now that I'm looking at it, I wish I'd worn a necklace).

What didn't
I think a thinner belt would have been much nicer. And maybe one that wasn't elastic. The cardigan kept pulling up and then poufing over the belt (see first photo above). But overall I really loved this!

Where is your favorite store/retailer  for cardigans? What is your favorite style of cardigan (v-neck, crew-neck, boyfriend, cropped, etc.)?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wear and wear again: Ruffled sleeveless blouse

It's been a while since I've done an edition of Wear and Wear Again. I picked up this ruffled blouse back in 2009 when the local Gottschalk's was going out of business. It's one of the only floral pieces in my closet and it's really sheer, so I always wear a thick-strapped tank underneath (usually in gray or purple).

The ruffled blouse is supremely versatile, especially in a floral print. It's a kick up from a traditional sleeveless shell, and layers well under a cardigan or blazer. Mine is definitely one my closet workhorses for casual or business wear. Here are just a few ways I've worn this top to work this past year.

How should I style this blouse next?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 03.18.11 [belated]

My first post-diet clothing purchases! The red and white piece already went back to the store. I forgot how small junior sizes were. This was a medium and it was like a crop top. The multi-colored piece is a winner.

I hope you had a chance to reflect and take action yesterday to benefit Japan or others in need. Now without further ado, here are my favorite reads from this week.

Shamless plugs
  • Check out a day in my life (in photos) over at Employed Panache.
  • This week on The New Professional's Facebook page: face powder recs and jeans at work...hop on over to join the discussion.
  • The latest winners of Nine West's Vintage America Collection "Voice Your Style" contest were announced. See a familiar name? (Loressa, another Sacramento blogger, won, too. Sactown rocks.)

Fashion and style
  1. Consciously Corporate: Vanity Sizing
  2. Classy Career Girl:  How to dress classy at work
  3. Already Pretty: How to wear eye-searingly bright colors
  4. 26 and Counting (at Miss Vinyl Ahoy): Someone stole my blog (a primer on adding a kick of color to your work wardrobe)
  5. Academichic: Weekend Workshop: Ten tips for shopping on a budget
Career and office
After hours

Have a great weekend! What good reads did you find this week?

You the Professional: Jeans at the office

So although many of my readers don't get to wear jeans at work, I did get some submissions for this installment of You the Professional. Let's check 'em out.

the new professional you the professional jeans roundup scrap and run colleen sorren classic noise jamie thrifty threads

From left to right:
  • Colleen of Scrap and Run keeps it profesh with a button up layered under a sweater and some heels. So cute.
  • Sorren of Classic Noise puts together a sweet look with a belted sweater and pointy toes. And are those pearls I see?
  • Jamie of Thrifty Threads works a colorful blouse under a classic blazer. The statement necklace is a fun finishing touch.

Thanks, ladies, for showing off your style!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Going dark [For Japan with Love]

I interrupt this usually-busy posting day for a very important cause. I doubt any of you live under a rock and haven't heard of last week's earthquake. Big ups to Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged for creating the Bloggers Day of Silence and to the over 200 bloggers who are participating.

Donate. Pray. Don't blog. Support the cause in your own way. And then maybe support another cause--Haiti? Christchurch, New Zealand? Even our own New Orleans has yet to fully recover from Hurricane Katrina. Let's remember them all.

Think fashion blogging and the earthquake don't have anything in common? We do. Her name is Rumi.

My planned round-up and links will be posted tomorrow. This is important enough for me to break my own rules and do a weekend post. For Japan. With love.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unofficial denim week

Old Navy blazer - 2010 - $30 (similar) / Calvin Klein outlet top - 2009 - $30 (similar) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $17.50 (similar) / American Eagle chain necklace - 2010 - $4 (similar) / Enzo Angiolini peep-toes via Nordstrom - 2007 - $70 (similar)

Apparently it's denim week at The New Professional. It actually wasn't planned. These pics are from late last week and yesterday's post has been in the queue for weeks. I guess the denim stars just aligned.

I wore this last Friday for a day full of meetings (who does that on a Friday?).  One was an internal staff meeting and the other was a working lunch with a program partner. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew it was Friday and these jeans were pretty dressy, so I just went with them.

And yes, the blazer was all the cover-up I needed all day. Bliss. [If it makes you feel any better, this week is entirely gray and rainy.]

What worked
The three-quarter length sleeves of the blazer and the open toes signal spring, and it felt like it! The top and blazer really dressed up the look. I was a bit unsure of pairing such a large necklace with an ornate neckline, but I think it ended up anchoring the look a bit.

What didn't
Nothing in particular. I think I might try this with the shirt tucked in next time--the blousing isn't all that flattering, and the high waistline of the trousers is really rather nice.

What do you wear for Casual Friday meetings?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to wear jeans to the office

For every office with a no-jeans policy, there's an office in which jeans are a staple. But how about those that straddle the two with a jeans-friendly Casual Friday? Or what if you want to kick your denim up a notch?

Reader Elizabeth emailed me with that very question:
I just started working at a casual office and I am having trouble creating work appropriate casual looks.  I love seeing how you make jeans work for the office.  Are there any "rules" you follow when you wear jeans or other casual clothes to work?

While I don't really have "rules" for wearing jeans, here are some of my tips:

  • The darker wash the better. Look for uniform washes--whiskers and other details can be too casual for the office.
  • As far as cuts go, I recommend trouser jeans (usually a thinner fabric that falls straight from your hips down to the floor), wide-leg jeans, or slim cut/skinnies that aren't clinging to your body.
  • I try to go with a dressier shoe. If it is a trouser or wide-leg jean, a pointy-toe looks really chic and balances out the volume. Heels are preferable, since they instantly dress up the jean (even a one-inch).
  • The "finishing piece" is key--a nice blazer or cardigan is a great way to really bring jeans into the office.
  • I usually keep the top something I'd wear with a trouser to work on a regular day.  That way the jeans are the only casual piece in the whole outfit and look less out of place.
  • Bold accessories can really dress up jeans as well--belts, necklaces, bracelets (but probably not all at once. :)
Here are some of my favorite jeans outfits from my archives. Click on a photo to see outfit details and the original post.


    Can you wear jeans to your office? How do you style them to be more office-y?
    Email a pic or link to me by Thursday (9 p.m. PST), and I'll do a round-up post of your pics Friday!

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    My new favorite shoes

    sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic faux wrap dress anne klein heels forever 21 tights
    sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic faux wrap dress anne klein heels forever 21 tights
    sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic faux wrap dress target pearls
    Banana Republic faux-wrap dress - 2008 - gift (similar) / Forever 21 gray tights - 2010 - $4 (similar) / Anne Klein heels via Macy's - 2011 - $20 (available--and ON SALE!) / Cami from Costco - 2008 - 2 for $12 (similar) / Faux pearls via Target - ?? - cheap (similar)

    How much do I love these shoes? A LOT! I bought them on March 1, the first day off my shopping diet, and I've worn them at least twice a week since. I've walked to lunch, walked to coffee, walked to dinner in these shoes. Cute + comfy + cheap = THE BEST EVER!

    Ok, enough gushing. I love the fact that it's nice outside when I get home from work. Since I got my nice camera last fall, I haven't had a chance to take many outdoor photos, since it got dark so soon afterward. I am super-excited to have nicer (and easier to work with) shots this spring! And K is really starting to get the hang of this thing (it only took 13 shots to come away with these three good ones). A quick auto-color/contrast/tone in Photoshop and these pics are ready to go (after resizing, that is). How much easier can it get? And how many rhetorical questions can I fit into one post? (Just watch.)

    What worked
    A wrap (or faux-wrap, as it were) dress is an office must-have. I love this one because of the collar detail and the print. Chain link never looked classier. The super-subtle print mixing (chain link up top and houndstooth down below) in different colors added a really fun element.

    What didn't
    I think the gray top and opaque tights were a little too matchy-matchy. If/when I repeat this outfit, I'd go with sheer black hose instead. Opaque tights can be really fun, but I think the sheer stuff generally looks better on me (and is more slimming).

    What is your favorite pair of shoes? What do you love most about them?

    On shopping and trouser jeans

    sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual trouser jean target merona ann taylor top anne klein mary janes premier designs pearls
    sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual trouser jean target merona ann taylor top anne klein mary janes premier designs pearls
    sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual ann taylor top premier designs pearls
    sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual trouser jean target merona anne klein mary janes
    Ann Taylor top - 2010 - $20 (similar) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $17.50 (similar) / Anne Klein Sarajane heels via Macy's - 2011 - $20 (available--and ON SALE!) / Premier Designs faux pearls - 2010 - free with purchase (similar) / Faux pearl and rhinestone earrings via Target - 2010 - cheap (similar) / Random faux-patent belt (similar)

    In the two weeks since I've been off my shopping diet, I've bought four items of clothing, returned one, and am thinking about returning another. I've been to the mall twice, but haven't bought anything. I'm noticing a slight change in my shopping habits--exactly what, I'm not sure yet. But I've been rather hesitant to buy. I think it's partly the comfort I took in my diet (weird, I know) and also a little bit of fear that buying new clothes will change my blog. It's been really fun this past year making do with what I already owned (or could swap for). And even though I'm not a shopaholic, I recognize that buying things means that new purchases will make appearances on this blog. There's no way around that.

    But does that change the fact that I'm a young professional on a budget? No, actually. I'm still hesitant to pay more than $20 for pants and $15 for a shirt. I may still splurge every once in a while on a fabulous dress or suit. I'm still a bargain hunter at heart. That will never change.

    What worked
    Oh my goodness, these pants are the best pants ever. I found them at Target last week on the clearance rack for $17.50, and though I pondered leaving them there (and coming back later to see if they went more on sale), I took them into the dressing room instead. They are worth every penny. I guess Target has these new "fit" categories. These are Fit 2, and they're labelled trousers (and apparently not available online). They have this amazing high waist and this super-soft fabric in an elegant dark wash. They almost feel like pajama pants (but look wayyyy better). I wore them two days in a row (day 2 coming soon). I am so in love.

    This is also probably one of my favorite trouser-jean looks ever. Simple and sweet.

    What didn't
    Um...nothing. Except your office may not be cool with you wearing jeans on a Thursday. Lucky for me, mine is. :)

    Where have you found the best clearance deals? Do share!

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Office Supply of the Month | Adhesive tape

    This month's office supply isn't really just relegated to the office. I keep it at my desk, in my toolbox, in the living room, you name it. It's the sticky stuff! There are a multitude of tape options to choose from: clear tape, packing tape, duct tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, painter's tape, paper (washi) tape, electrical tape, surgical tape.

    Tape is pretty simple. It all starts with adhesive, which can take on natural or synthetic forms. The earliest found adhesive substance dates back to 4000 BC and is believed to be made of tree sap. In the centuries following, other adhesives were found and made, most commonly from fish and fish parts, but also from animal bones, milk, rubber, and starch. The first patent for an adhesive was issued in Britain in 1750; many others soon followed.

    Other fun dates:
    1921 - The Band-Aid is invented by an employee of Johnson and Johnson.
    1925 - An engineer at the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (now 3M) creates masking tape to prevent the bleed-through common to cloth-backed tape when spray-painting automobiles.
    1930 - A clear tape called Scotch Brand Cellulose was invented by the same 3M engineer.
    1942 - Johnson and Johnson creates duct tape, a waterproof and super-grippy tape, for use in World War II to seal canisters and repair equipment in the field. Duct tape is basically cloth tape coated in polyethylene.

    Sticking things together
    Taping up a hem
    Labelling your lunch
    Water/smudge-proofing (tape over ink)
    French manicure guide
    Tape over wires to avoid tripping
    Taping down a collar
    Repairing things
    Reinforcing holes in punched paper
    Lint roller (roll a piece of tape adhesive side out, slip over finger, and roll over clothes)
    Keep belt ends down
    Clean between keyboard keys
    Fix shoelace ends
    Taping a heel tap back on

    Fun with adhesive tape

    What is your favorite kind of tape? Your favorite use for tape?