I love skirts that hit at the knee; they make your calves look amazing. I love a good trouser; they elongate short legs like nothing else. I love tops that cover me up and keep me warm in an air-conditioned office. I love mixing brown with black and red with green, and anything with studs.

This blog began in March 2010 to show the world (ok, to show my friends) that business casual doesn’t have to be boring and that work isn’t just another line on a daily to-do list. I believe that looking professional is just as important as acting professional, and that both are often lacking in today’s workplace. Here you'll find outfits I've worn to work, tips on office-appropriate style, and advice on office etiquette and professional development.

After working in office environments nearly my whole adult life, I moved across the country, left the office and started a one-year freelance experiment in 2011 (along with, it seems, the rest of the country). In that year, I learned as much about myself as I did about freelancing, with the most valuable lesson being that I work best (and most happily) in an office environment and in team settings. I cheerfully re-joined the ranks of office dwellers in August 2012.

More about me:
  • I studied: piano performance, environmental policy and urban planning/design, journalism
  • I've worked as a: piano teacher, seasonal retail employee, notetaker, resident assistant, planning intern, transportation planner, editorial intern, public information specialist, managing editor, communications manager, freelance/contract writer, digital media manager
  • I've lived and worked in: Orange County and Sacramento, California; New York City; Miami

So welcome to my blog... I hope you stick around. I love hearing from my readers (and I always reply…promise), so shoot me an email at thenewprofessionalblog[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.