Friday, July 16, 2010

Read between the lines

I am not a florals girl, a polka dot girl, a graphic print girl, or a cutesy print girl.  I appreciate these patterns, but am not usually drawn to them.  What I am, is a stripes girl. Wide stripe, narrow stripe, rainbow stripe, zebra stripe...there are very few stripes that I am not a fan of.

That said, stripes are an easy pattern to incorporate into your office wear.  What's more patriotic than a blue and white striped oxford?  Not much.  I love mine to death (and can't imagine for the life of me why I didn't include it in my 30).

I like stripes because they are simple without being boring.  Florals say girly.  Polka dots say cute.  While these are all great things (and I certainly am pretty girly and sometimes cute), they may not be the message you want to send in the workplace.  Stripes are a neutral.

Here are some of my picks for stripes in the office:

Okay, so maybe I'm a bit biased toward having a white in your stripe (it's one of my favorite colors and makes everything look so crisp).  That Gap dress would need a cute blazer over the top, but the length is about right and the fabric is great for summer.  I could see that Forever 21 sweater tucked into a pencil skirt or left out over some narrow cropped trousers.

Are you a florals, dot, print, or stripes gal?  Does your workwear reflect that?


  1. I love floral prints, polka dots and stripes! They're all such fun patterns.

    Like your blog and will be checking out your blog recommendations.

  2. Wait till you see the striped shirt dress I bought. It is almost stripe overload! I fully plan on wearing it to work.

  3. i love stripes too. and they're about as close as i get to "patterns", ha!

  4. I'm a stripes person too. My natural style is pretty conservative so stripes it is.

  5. Yeah, I love stripes and I had several striped items in college, but I just realized I think I only have one striped item that fits--a classic blue and white striped oxford (the other--my blue and white striped shorts--are my goal for getting back into shape...almost there!). Definitely need to stock up on more stripes when I can shop again.


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