Friday, July 2, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend

Is it seriously Friday already?  Okay, so maybe I thought yesterday was Friday, so I guess it's more like it's finally Friday?  I'm confusing myself.  This week was a blur...I think I've been staring at the screen too much.  The husband has some dissertation deadlines looming, leaving me to ponder the depths of the internet, watch crappy summer television, and catch up on the pile of magazines that have been collecting dust.  But the 4th of July is coming excited for the long weekend.

July 4th is my second-favorite holiday.  After Easter, before Christmas.  I just love love love it.  We're hitting up a baseball game tonight (go Rivercats!) and helping do crafts and food at our church's booth at the city's celebration.  And, coming from someone who grew up watching Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm fireworks nearly weekly each summer, the City of Davis's 4th of July show is one of my favorites of all time.

But yes, on to the links!  Los links!
  • Ok, Kendi.  You're one of my favorite bloggers, so if you issue a challenge, my answer is yes.  Thirty items for thirty days.  Starting next week.  Get excited, folks, get very excited.  And then hop on over to Kendi Everyday and try the challenge out for yourself.
  • Local blogger Erin features another local gal who made her own amazing dress over on Bows & Sparrows.  I need some sewing lessons (and some skillz).
  • Nothing beats a simple dress for getting ready quickly in the morning, and WorkChic picks their favorite office-appropriate Shabby Apple dresses.  Only eight months to go before I can buy one.
  • Love your pooch?  Get one of these to decorate your office space or home.  Or you could be like my boss and commission a local artist to do a near-life-size portrait of your dog for your dining room (love you and your dog!).  But these are cheaper, I'm sure.
  • Do this, not that...we all hear a lot of it from college career counselors and parents. dispels some of those in 12 Bad Habits That Can Actually Help Your Career.
  • I really love these custom calligraphy stamps.  If ever I stay at an address for more than two years (usually it's just one), I'm getting one.
  • In addition to fashion blogger challenges, I'm also a major sucker for good food.  Well, not even good food.  Just food.  It's a crutch.  This article from Zen Habits really hit home for me and motivates me to stay on track in eating healthier.
And last, but not least, just when you thought you'd read enough of my ramblings, here is my favorite blog post I've ever written, from the personal blog I kept during graduate school.  It pretty much speaks for itself.

    What are your July 4th plans?  Will you be wearing red, white, and blue?

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    1. I just found your blog through Kendi's 30/30 links, and I'm so glad that I did! I love your concept, and I'm really looking forward to seeing a wear-to-work spin on the challenge. I'm participating, too. You can find me over at Good luck! :)

    2. i am LOVING the blast from the past!! :) loved rereading your post-grad-school thoughts and musings. oh how much has changed since 2006.

      have a fabulous independence day weekend. i will be welding, volunteering at the senior center (tea party!), and hanging out with my mutt. looking forward to your next challenge. :)

    3. plans lots of sewing and some chores
      no r/w/b. I took today off and that would have been the day to do it, not to mention, I was too generally disorganized to pull anything together anyway.

      Your graduation essay is really nice. I see why it is a fave.

    4. I'm excited for the 30 for 30 challenge! I'm doing it too! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Following you now.

      Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

    5. I'm so excited for the remix!! And I'm so glad you've joined in :)

      Your fellow remixer, Kendi

    6. ooo, good luck with the remix, thats a great idea!

    7. Thanks, gals! I ended up not doing any red/white/blue...ended up being out of the house from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm but had a blast! Seriously, Davis fireworks rock (and so do you ladies).

    8. Hey, I saw this on Kashi's website( i <3 my kashi cereals) and thought of you and your challenges!

    9. Thanks ladies! Excited for the challenge and seeing how everyone will style their items in different ways.

      @ me - How cool! Maybe once this challenge is over I'll check one of those out.


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