Monday, July 26, 2010


J. Crew shirt (1) + J & Company jeans (15) + Merona flats (28) + H&M bag + Target sunnies + random earrings
OId Navy tank (10)+ Target shorts (21)+ Gap sandals (30)
JC Penney top (6) + Rockabilly jeans (17) + Gap sandals (30)

The end of this 30 for 30 is so close I can almost taste it.  Twenty-one already! These outfits were worn Friday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively.  I did nothing but work and work at home in these outfits, with small breaks for food, church, and Target.  Oh, and I bought some books at Borders on Friday (buy one, get one free!).

My fave of these weekend looks was Friday...I love button-ups, but I had absolutely no will to iron this one this week, but this casual look does not require any ironing.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Saturday and Sunday I really didn't put much thought into, but I really had no reason to look anything but halfway decent. At least I showered...that's gotta count for something.  I have some crazy deadlines this week at work so don't get your hopes up (I work better when I'm comfortable so that will be the name of the game).

Do you prefer laying low on weekends or would you rather be out and about?


  1. I kinda love both on the weekends - so if I spend my morning/early afternoon being really busy, then I like to lay low at night, and vice versa! I'm SO not one of those people who can be busy 24/7, I get tired & lazy haha

  2. So true. I think there have been times where I've been pretty on-the-go, but lately I have the tendency to do maybe one thing on Saturday and reserve my whole Sunday for loafing and blogging.

  3. oh those are dope earrings!


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