Saturday, February 27, 2010

Orientation -- employee handbook

It's your first day on the job and you've been herded from reception to orientation. Employee handbook, work schedule, blah blah blah. Flip through the handbook until you find it...the Dress Code, by which you will flourish or perish (or not).

Whether your Dress Code says business casual, business professional, or just a list of dos and don'ts, the morning struggle of finding something to wear without looking dowdy at 25 is a common one, especially for the New Professional.

The New Professional is employed, but is still living on a budget. Student loans and savings goals make your starting salary feel like pocket change. Your college wardobe won't cut it here...or will it? Which pieces can you repurpose and which should be saved for weekend fun? How much of a new wardrobe do you need to buy?

Your work may be interesting, boring, traditional, progressive, fulfilling, pocket-filling, or like most of us, a combination of the above. Work may dampen your spirits, but don't let it get you down and mute your style.

Stand out in a good way. Express yourself before you wreck yourself.