Friday, July 23, 2010


What happens when a blogger loses her home Internet connection for almost 30 hours? Apparently, a backlog of outfit photos.  

As a blogger of all things office-related, it's tempting to write when inspiration strikes...usually at the office.  As an office employee that just happens to blog, that is just not possible.  So I do my picture taking either at lunch or after work (most often afterward) and write and post on nights and weekends.  I reply to comments at night.  And I read and comment on other blogs at night.  Everyone has to figure out their own system, and that is mine. So although I sat in front of a computer with Internet connection for most of the day, there was no way I was going to post before I got home (and took today's photos). 

I mentioned when I wore this maxi dress Sunday that I had big plans to wear it to work, and I did just that today.  Blazer + belt + heels = instant office-readiness.  The only annoying thing was that my heels kept catching on the edge of the dress while I was walking.  Oh well. Small price to pay for spending the day in that comfy dress.

Can I just mention that husband K has been doing an amazing job with these outfit photos?  I've had a heck of a time figuring out a good solution for taking outfit shots. I started with the timer route in my cubicle, but when I moved to a new cubicle the lighting was completely off. So I had our intern C take them for me once (he wasn't my intern, and it was during lunch).  A few weeks later he was gone, having found another awesome internship.  Shortly after that my coworker J started doing some of my shots during lunch or on coffee runs.  Just last week he announces he's leaving, too, to try his luck out in NYC.  So after having my first two photographers leave within a matter of months, K has been taking my shots for the past two weeks or so...I figure he can't leave me, right?  Oh dear, I hope this doesn't backfire.

So back to the Internet...I ended up spending last night cleaning house, reading magazines, and baking banana nut bread.  It was nicely refreshing to not be staring at the small netbook screen all evening like I would have.  I could have still browsed on my Droid, but K was using it to try to diagnose our Internet problem and ended up spending over an hour on the phone with them, after which the problem still wasn't fixed until about 6 p.m. tonight.

What do you do to unplug?  Do you set aside time for it or is it hard for you to stay away?


  1. I really love outfit #17. This summer I have been on the computer more often since I'm not working. During the school year when I teach all day long, I only get on maybe once in the evenings for a short time and then more on the weekends. Sometimes it is nice to not have it as an option and do other things though!

  2. i am an internet addict. It rare that I am completely unplugged, but when I am I'm usually out in the middle of the woods on some adventure where I don't get wifi and I have a blackberry which might as well be useless when it comes to browsing the internet. But when i am completely unplugged, and out in the middle of the wilderness (ha!), i love it. It's always refreshing to be away from my computer and all that that implies in my life.

    I am guilty of being on my blog or the internet in general during work, but I work from home, so it's hard to avoid sometimes for me.

  3. I love the Limited Maxi dress. And I know how you feel about losing internet. You don't realize how addicted you are to it until you lose it!
    Pocket of Presh

  4. I loooove your second outfit!

    I'm currently unemployed so I'm always on the internet.

  5. Outfit 17 is my favorite of all these...It's so tidy and pulled together. :) Like you, I also am an office employee who just happens to blog, and I doubt my employer would appreciate it if I was blogging on the job (in fact, I know it would NOT be appreciated) so I blog at night and on weekends too. I know many people who are able to be all over Facebook, Twitter & blogs all day long at work, and I honestly don't understand how since I've never worked at a workplace that would allow it. And to answer your question (finally), I guess I'd have to say it can be hard for me to stay unplugged. I don't really realize how internet-dependent I am until I lose a connection. Have a good weekend!

  6. Thanks, ladies. I have to admit I am generally a huge Internet addict myself so the other night was totally out of the ordinary. That and having a Droid really keeps me connected way more than I probably need to be.


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