Monday, July 12, 2010

Fishes and fashion

The husband went off on a fishing trip with his dad and uncle this weekend, leaving me all alone.  Freedom!  j/k.  Truth be told, I had a lot of work and stuff I wanted to get done, so I took this opportunity to do the things that I know would have taken time away from our couple time together anyway.  I'm usually the one that takes off for girls weekends or business trips, leaving him alone for the weekend, so it was nice that this time he got to go out.  I'm always encouraging K to take more trips with his's good and refreshing (speaking of which...gotta get on planning my next girls' weekend).

Saturday is a good example of one of my style goals for myself: dressing more intentionally and working nicer pieces (not just tees, tanks, and jeans) into my weekend wear.  I've done this before with a blue and white striped shirt, but since that wasn't in my 30, I went for this one instead. I liked the end result.  The french braid (coming out to the side) is my new favorite hair-do for summer...I wonder if it will fly for the office?

Sunday is a more traditional outfit for me. It was supposed to be 100 degrees, but I spent the morning covering an event for work (photographing and taking notes for a story), so I couldn't go with the shorts.  I actually ended up tossing my cardigan on top of this, since it was actually a little too cool this morning for just a tee.  And after the event I rolled the jeans up to capri length.

How was your weekend?


  1. Love the grey T and your cream shoes!!
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  2. I love the first outfit. Don't you love how a button down can make any outfit looked pulled together in a second?

  3. I love the numbering that you're doing! It's so helfpul! Way to be creative. :)

    <3 kp

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  4. okay, this is totally off topic, but i have to ask. have you ever used the roll-on stuff for your feet that you put on in the areas where your shoes rub against your feet? (i.e. the back of your heel, the points where your foot bones stick out and kinda protrude?) do they work? i have some flats that just kill parts of my foot, but are so cute and am wondering if they're worth the $6/$7 dollars. actually, i know step was looking into it too. your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

  5. Thanks, ladies!

    @ me - You know, I have that stuff in my purse but I rarely use it...I've been pretty lucky in the shoe department (plus I love my Dr. Scholl's inserts). I have a stick, though, I can bring for you to try next time I'm home (just cut off the tip or something). I had a coworker that swore by hers.

  6. love the hair!! i totally think it's appropriate for work. ever since vogue deemed side-braids to be the hot summer look, i've seen it pop up everywhere. a loosely braided side-braid is hot!

    re: @ me's comment (is that ting?!) -- what stick are you talking about? endurance athletes use body glide. comes in a stick or liquified powder. incredibly useful!!

  7. @chang: yes. :) is body glide the same as what im talking about? i have no idea. angel knows. angel--that would be great, thanks! i'd love to try it before i commit. lol!

  8. @ me - I have the Dr. Scholl's purple one here:

    I will bring it when I come down next (feel free to remind me--I think my apt is where stuff for other ppl goes to die. I found the Christmas present I made for Step the other day..oops).


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