The New Professional's Toolkit

Quick links to The New Professional's most informational and useful office etiquette, professional development, technology, and style posts. Check out my faves (marked with a *).

Dealing with coworkers
Let's get personal
It's not you, it's me
On soda-snot and other awkward moments *
The lay of the lunchroom
Mum's the word
Playing the office hostess *
Handle Halloween like a pro
What you should know about friendships at work [Guest post]
How to deal with annoying coworkers | Downers and bulldozers
How to deal with annoying coworkers | Oversharers and eager beavers
How to deal with annoying coworkers | Bad habits and backstabbers
How to deal with annoying coworkers | Latebirds, oddballs, and [you fill in the blank]
How to talk about politics (or not) in the office
When a friend gets laid offGo on, brush your shoulders off *

Office life
The Cubicle Survival Kit
Eatin' etiquette
Work of art
The most important meal of the day
Lunch break

OMG u r the best!!!!! :) *
Dealing with dress code violations [Guest post]
The considerate vacationer
Inform and conquer
Your audience awaits
How to edit someone else's work
Jargon: Just (don't) do it
The dog ate my homework and other excuses that don't work 
The myth of the rough draft

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways [Lists and listmaking]
Meeting magic 
On productivity and working smarter
Don't know? Don't fret
You don't need clown school to learn how to juggle
Five ways to stay productive when you're in a rut 

Professional Development
The wow factor *
With or without you * [Make yourself indispensible at work]
Have job, will travel
Self-promotion: How to do it right [Guest post]
The right to change your mind

The end of days: Preparing to leave your job
Smart risks and looking before you jump *
Relationship and career: Not that incompatible
Five ways to try new things at work
Things my mom taught me about money

Experience now, pay later
Getting the most out of your three months
Creating the best experience for your intern
The best and the worst

Freelance Files
Week one
Open for business
Time management
The halfway point — an honest look

Bloglover | Tips for keeping up with your reading
Facebook friend lists—what you need to know if your coworkers are your Facebook friends *
There's an app for that
I rock the iPad

How to accessorize with belts *
Office supply hack: hemming denim
Staying professional during pregnancy [Guest post]
Five tips to create an outfit that helps you achieve your career goals [Guest post]
Is makeup mandatory in the office?
Fashion don'ts that I do
Reader Question: Mixing beach and business

Decipher the Dress Code | Business casual
The right to bare arms
Decipher the Dress Code | Business attire 
Underneath it all *
How high is too high? *
Working with what you've got | Clothing edition
DIY: Turning an A-line into a pencil skirt
Walking the halls, not the streets
How to wear jeans to the office 
Herringbone? Houndstooth? Huh?
How I shop for cheap *
Working with what you've got | Shoe edition
How to shop the outlets *
How to survive a manic morning [Guest post] 
Clothing and budgets [Guest post]
How to wear metallic shoes to work
Finding office style [Guest post]
Spice up workplace outfits with color [Guest post] 
Interview attire: Dos and don'ts [Guest post] 
Work it in | Ombre
Make Believe Monday | Black skinny jeans
Make Believe Monday | Winter nails
Make Believe Monday | Chic dangles
Make Believe Monday | Peacoat *
Make Believe Monday | Wedge heels
Make Believe Monday | Shirtdress *
Make Believe Monday | Short-sleeve crew-neck sweater
Make Believe Monday | White pants