Monday, July 5, 2010

30 for 30: The inventory

As I mentioned on Friday, I'm taking part in Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 remix challenge.  For the next 30 days, I will be wearing the same 30 items of clothing and shoes in various combinations.  Kendi also gives up shopping as part of the 30 day challenge, but since this falls nearly smack dab in the middle of my year of not shopping, I don't think that will be a problem.

Somehow, after planning out 30 possible outfits for the next 30 days (really, I did), I ended up using only 26 items, and some of those only once.  So I threw in a few wild cards for good measure, which will give me a chance to deviate from the plan in case I get restless and bored.  I told you I didn't really wear a lot of my clothes.

So here are my items for the next 30 days:

1. Salmon-colored long-sleeve button-up - J. Crew - 2009 - $20
2. Gray 3/4 sleeve button-up - J. Crew - 2009 - $20
3. Yellow short-sleeve ruffled blouse - Ann Taylor Loft - 2008 - $20
4. Studded white blouse - Calvin Klein - 2009 - $30
5. Gray studded tee - Target - 2010 - $7

6. Rhinestone tank - JC Penney - 2009 - $7
7. Sleeveless cowl neck top - Ann Taylor Loft - 2008 - $20
8. Ruffled top - Gottschalks - 2009 - $12
9. Pink flowy top - Banana Republic - 2008 - $20
10. Floral tank - Old Navy - 2008 - gift
11. Black blazer - Gap - 2006 - $50
12. 3/4 sleeve blazer - Gottschalks - 2009 - $10
13. V-neck cardigan - H&M - 2009 - $30

14. Black trousers - Banana Republic Factory Store - 2009 - $12
15. Skinny jeans - J & Company (from Renew Denim) - 2009 - $40
16. Light trousers - Banana Republic Factory Store - 2009 - $20
17. Bootcut jeans - Rockabilly jeans (from Renew Denim) - 2010 - $40

18. Khaki pencil skirt - Ann Taylor Loft - 2009 - $13
19. Black tulip skirt - The Limited - 2009 - $20
20. Black pencil skirt - Mango - 2007 - $14
21. Shorts: Mossimo (from Target) - 2009 - $16

22. Green cap-sleeve dress - Banana Republic Factory Store - 2009 - $20
23. Olive green maxi-dress - The Limited - 2007 - $20

24. Red pumps - Blake Scott (from Off Broadway) - 2010 - $40
25. Brown peep-toes - Enzo Angiolini (from Nordstrom) - 2007 - $70
26. Black pumps - Calvin Klein (from Off Broadway) - 2007 - $70
27. Black gladiator heels - Mossimo (from Target) - 2010 - $25
28. Nude flats - Merona (from Target) - 2010 - $17
29. Gold heels - Nina (from Ross) - 2009 - $16
30. Black flat sandals - Gap - 2010 - $20

So a few notes about these next 30 days:
  • Although I don't usually post my weekend/casual outfits, I will be summarizing them for the challenge, most likely on Mondays. 
  • Since I often change from work clothes to casual clothes after work, I will either a) begin rewearing the same casual outfits a couple of times a week or b) start living in my pajamas outside of work. (PJs and workout clothes don't count.)

To keep things simple and easy-to-remember (I've been known to forget about a challenge part-way through), I lumped together all my challenge items in one spot in my closet.  No reaching outside of this area for the next 30 days.  (Pardon the mess--my closet is also our sports/outdoor, hardware, electronics, musical instrument, and linens storage area.)

All my challenge items in the middle, jeans and shorts on the left, shoes below.

Check out and follow Kendi and the other remixers here.


  1. I am impressed! i didn't actually plan out outfits with my pieces. I just chose from my closet... and I have lots of colors... I hope I don't look like an idiot come day 29! Ha!

    Also, A YEAR of not shopping! You must have either a really versatile, classic wardrobe or a lot of willpower or both!

  2. Great picks. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I can't believe you're doing a year without shopping. I am far too impulsive for that! I'm gonna be struggling the next 30 days.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. oh, those look great and versatile! super glad workout clothes and pjs don't count, cuz that would suck.

  4. Beautiful pieces! You should come up with plenty of great stuff! I too had to hide my other clothes or I'll cheat!

  5. I love all the pieces you chose and that you have some bold colors and prints! Good thinking on the planning ahead. I didn't do that, and I'm sure I'll be pulling my hair out in a couple of weeks ;)

  6. @ Ady - I might just be a sucker for challenges (hence the 30 for 30).

    @ Kayla - You can do it!

    @ me - Seriously! Especially since I work out oh so much :P. Even if you don't have a blog, you can do the challenge via flickr...want in? We can be challenge buddies. (+ no shopping!)

    @ Liz - Good to know I'm not the only one! I swear if I don't, I'm going to wake up, get dressed, and get to work only to realize I'm wearing non-challenge clothes. That's just how alert I am in the morning.

    @ Keira - I am a planner (I get made fun of -- and appreciated -- at work for my organization), so it works better that way for me. Plus my closet is a little bright in general...I only started working in black pieces a few years ago (before that I had little to no black at all!).

  7. lol! hm, maybe if i had a job, i would want to try this. i could easily cheat this since i don't go out that much anymore. and im kinda on a no shopping thing anyway, cuz im pobrecita! btw, i have that same Mango skirt but in blue! (tho, yours looks blue in the pix)

  8. Hello! I found you through Kendi's blog, and I'm in blog-love with yours! I have gone through all of your old posts, and they are so great! I can't wait to see what's to come!

    My favorite thing about your looks (and advice!) is they are totally wearable for everyday office ladies like myself (accountant, 25, Houston). I read lots of other fashion blogs, and while they all have fabulous ideas and beautiful clothes, they are mostly for my entertainment because they're too "out there" for my everyday life.

    I have already told all of my work friends about your blog, and hopefully they will tune in too!

  9. totally off topic, but i love that we can see your foot in the dress picture even tho you tried to hide it. ha!

  10. @ me - I know! I've been wondering if I should try to refresh the black with some dye (although in person it's not that apt has bad photo lighting).

    @ elizabeth - Thanks so much! I was sooo in the same was so frustrating to see things I would never be able to wear. Oh, and I loooove bro lives there and we're hoping to visit some time next spring. Thanks for spreading the word around!

    @ neurp - be honest I don't think I really tried, I just didn't pay any attention. You can see the toes in the shoe pic (although I tried to stay out of that one).


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