Monday, July 12, 2010

Make Believe Monday | It's in the bag

While I love the portability and convenience of a laptop (who even needs a desk today when you have a lap?), I hate laptop bags.  Like seriously.  Who decided that they should all either look like briefcases on steroids or diaper bags?  And they're so heavy.  Even without the laptop and cord in it, my laptop bag for work is heeeaaavvvvyyyy.  I have to swing it back and forth to get it up to shoulder height just so.

So while I'm wishing for things that are fashion and/or office related, a nice-looking, not-too-heavy laptop carrier is on my list.  My laptop is not small (maybe 14"? I have no idea), and needs its cord at all times.  Since I mostly use it for business travel, I'd like it to also have a shoulder strap (rather than a hand-carry type strap) and fit file folders and papers. I'd like it to be light enough to be able to carry around day-to-day as well for days I want to do computer stuff outside of work (the hubs and I share one laptop and a tiny netbook...needless to say "I need to work on my dissertation research," often trumps "I need to read more blogs!").

Right now I'm using this, which is my husband's (he has a backpack with a special laptop compartment to take his laptop to school).  It has great storage capacity, but it feels like I'm carrying a whole other person around with me.

Some options I'm considering:

A simple open-top tote with a fun print.

A fun zip-top tote.

This one has a zippered compartment for laptops and an open section for other items.  Double whammy.

I love that this bag is a pebbled leather and really doesn't look too different from any other large tote.

My other option?  Get a neat eco-friendly laptop sleeve and toss it into any tote.  I have a few that are big enough.

If you're looking for the ultimate in portability, or if you've ever wondered what being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle felt like, this one is also an option (three-fingered hand configuration optional for maximum TMNT feel).

How do you transport your laptop?


  1. I love the fun zip top tote one. So cute! I have a neoprene zipper sleeve for mine and usually put it in a tote.

  2. Love the fun zop top tote! It seems like most "professional" bags are so blah, that one has style!

  3. Laptop bags frustrate me to no end. I spent at least a year looking for a cute one, shoving my laptop into tote bags (which wasn't a great idea). I finally found a great Buxton leather laptop bag at Staples on sale for about $50, more than half off. Keep your eyes open there, and you just may find what you're looking for! In the meantime, I would definitely recommend using a sleeve to cut down on wear-and-tear from your keys, loose pens and jewelry, etc.

  4. Being a petite woman I totally agree with you. I usually use a regular tote bag and I bought a sleeve for my laptop from Target for $10 and it works perfectly. I also use a rolling bag which most people think is a purse and it doesn't look bad when I pick it up. Very cute. If you have one, also check Marshall's and TJ Maxx they have great bags for less than $30. Good luck with your search.

  5. I have this exact same issue! I ditched my laptop bag that I received with my work laptop simply because it was so heavy with the laptop in it that the elastic on the strap tore and now the whole thing is even worse than before. I've been carrying a Merona tote from Target that has a padded laptop compartment, but it's really not big enough to comfortably fit everything in it either. The best option I've found so far (and the one I will be switching back to next week) is a neoprene laptop sleeve slipped into a cute zippered tote from the LOFT. Good luck! All of these options look like winners!

  6. Bag number 3 please!!

    Ive just posted my first 2 looks Daisy Dayz Home

  7. Thanks for the comments, ladies! Good to know I'm not the only one.

  8. I like the first two! I really need a nice bag instead of my cheap-o payless one that will probably break one of these days!


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