Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meet and greet

So I'm a week late, but this is my office-ready version of patriotic red, white, and blue (in case you ever have to work on a fourth of July, I guess, or just for everyday wear).  These are a lot of my favorites put together.  I considered wearing brown shoes to go with the belt and bag, but these red heels were just screaming out.  The right heel tip fell off halfway through the day, however, so these are headed to the cobbler tomorrow.  My six other pairs of 30 for 30 shoes should tide me over until they're fixed (I knew there was a reason I included both pairs of pointy-toed pumps).

I was all good and proud of this outfit until I got to work and realized that everyone else was in suits for tonight's meet and greet with our board members at a really posh hotel.  I think I was the only one not with at least a blazer on, and definitely the only one not in black.  Why do people default to black for business dress, anyway?  I didn't include any suits in my 30 (only figured out I was going to this thing last Thursday), and so the thought didn't even cross my mind.  Funny how the rest of my closet just disappears in my mind when it's off limits.  Also funny -- I still have not worn a single one of my planned outfits.  This might just veer into 30 for 60 category before I exhaust all possibilities (j/k, really).

My favorite part of the outfit today, aside from the red, white, and blue, is the braided belt.  I'll have to admit this is a relatively new purchase from my favorite local vintage shop.  Last week I belted over my cardigan, and today the belt went under.  Works both ways, yeah?

Do you default to black for formal work events or do you try to go against the grain?


  1. I love this outfit. It's so totally chic!
    And, no, I don't wear black for meetings. They're lucky if I wear a suit! :)

  2. So lovely! And a great take on red, white, and blue.

  3. You actually look really really nice in this so no worries for the event! I'm sure you stood out just for not wearing black, and I agree it's a little depressing almost that it's what everyone wears. And if you're a guy, chances are your shirt is that shade of cornflower blue that every male in a work place seems to own. It's like a uniform! :P

  4. What a great outfit...it's office appropriate and chic! I think people stick to black suits because it's comfortable and easy...but I like it when people wear other color suits because they stand out more and they don't look like everyone else! =)

  5. Beautiful outfit, I often get scared of white because I'm so clumsy I know I'd be filthy within minutes of putting on a white skirt. I love the red shoes and the way you've styled it with the brown belt, gorgeous x

  6. So cute! Glad you went with the red shoes. I would have done the same! :)

  7. Thanks, ladies!

    @ Sara - I totally know the "guy" look. So safe, so boring. And on non-suit days they always pair it with chinos. Why blue? Why not green?

    @ stylepint - I love other color suits, too...in fact I only bought my first black suit this year (I've got tan, tan houndstooth, chocolate brown, and I use to have this blue pinstripe that got too small)

    @ queenie - Oh, the skirt is actually a really like khaki tan color. And I usually have to wash after one wear because I've gotten something on it. Another reason I love clothes you can pop in the washer (I hate going to the dry cleaners).

  8. That skirt is dynamite on you and the red pumps were a perfect choice!

    My office is SUPER casual so we don't really have formal work events. So I can't comment on that with a lot of experience. But one thing I really do remember is that in high school, on the last day of senior year we had oral exams and had to dress up in "business formal" for them. My mom took me to Value City and we found a white dress/long white jacket combo. I don't think I could call it a blazer, but I would call the combo a suit. Anyway, when I got to school on the day of the oral exams, EVERYONE was wearing black or dark grey. So I really stood out in my all-white outfit. One of my classmates told me that I looked like a beam of light in the dark, and one of my teachers was overseeing our group do something (maybe taking a picture? I don't remember what, I just remember my whole class was on the front steps of the school) and when I walked past him he just said "you look WONDERFUL!" and hugged me - and this was a super reserved, strict teacher. I think he surprised himself with that.

    The few times I've had to wear a suit since then, I've work a white blazer (even though I usually ground it with a black skirt or something)

    Anyway, that loonnng rambly comment was basically to say that I think dressing in lighter colors was an awesome choice. You no doubt stood out, and you looked great while doing it, and I'd hazard a guess that looking unique and chic it could have only benefited you.

  9. @ Kelly - Great story...love that you use white. I think often people default to black because it's so versatile, but I think white would be just as easy to style (if not easier).

  10. Love this outfit. It's so crisp and clean. Perfect for the office and totally feminine too.

  11. You look amazing! I really love this outfit. I love the way you knotted your belt. I'm a huge belt fan, but I don't know very many cool ways to knot them. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Also, I will definitely have to keep reading your blog this fall when I go back to my teaching job and have to be dressed up every day :) You have great ideas & advice.

  12. @ KT - Thanks!

    @ aj - I hear you on the belt...I'm just now getting really into them (I really never wore them before this year). Just try it out--you can always unknot and try again. I love your blog, too. :)

  13. I want that skirt
    and cardigan

    I'm still obsessed with this outfit.

  14. Thanks :) Makes me miss summer so badly!


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