Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's for lunch?

This past Monday, on my commute home from work, as I was singing horribly along to the Wreckers in my car, my throat started feeling a tingle.  Lasted all yesterday, until last night when the tingliness was joined by swollen lymph nodes and chills.  Add on some muscle aches this morning, and now I'm armed with OJ in hand trying to battle off what is recognizably a foe.

But I made it to work and have been pretty productive all morning (albeit a little mentally hazy).  I didn't go full-on slob--I do have a team meeting this afternoon on my new project at work (super exciting)--which I think has helped.  I firmly believe that if you fake it, you can eventually feel it.  So here is today's I'm-sick-but-don't-need-your-pity outfit.
Jacket: Aeropostale - 2010 - swapped; Shirt: Target - 2008 - ?; Jeans: Old Navy - 2010 - $12;
Shoes: Nina (from Ross) - 2009 - $16

This chocolate brown velvety jacket is one of my fave items that I came away with at this weekend's stitch swap. More on that later--came away with some great finds (for work and weekends).

The shirt underneath is sleeveless, with little ruffles on the shoulder and a keyhole back (tied at the nape of the neck).  Generally not officewear.  But since it hasn't quite warmed up yet and the jacket is pretty light, I knew I wouldn't have a problem leaving the ensemble as is.  One of my favorite parts of the shirt, in addition to the fit (hits right at the hip and isn't too clingy or swingy) is the little silver rhinestones on top.  Here is a detail pic:

Sparkles and sequins are starting to seep into daily wear more and more (was just reading about this in a February or March issue of Bazaar), and this shirt is a good example of how you can bring that into the office appropriately.  They're also a great pick-me-up on days like this, where I feel like this:



  1. Yay stitch swap find! I can't wait for you to do a post on what you walked away got some great stuff!

  2. I keep meaning to--I've already worn half of the stuff since I got it!

  3. Aww I love this!! You look great


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