Monday, March 15, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Spring has sprung!

I realized this weekend that giving up shopping is a lot harder when you decide to start a fashion blog. I cannot stop thinking about all the items at the mall (or online) that would love to come to work with me someday. Make Believe Monday will be my time to get those thoughts onto the screen and out of my head.

Spring has been on my mind lately, and beginning to peek it's sunny yellow head out of hiding (in between the rain, that is). I've had a serious hankering for a colorful floral sheath dress since last summer, which went something like wedding guest, wedding guest, bridal shower host, wedding rehearsal, wedding guest, bridesmaid. was that kind of year.  Versatility was a must -- that wedding rehearsal and subsequent wedding guest entry was about 2 hours apart (different weddings).  Even though this year is wedding-free (a rarity for folks my age, I hear), I'd still love little flowery number, perhaps something like this:
Suzy Chin Maggie Boutique

A sheath is one of my favorite dress shapes because of its sophisticated, sleek look.  It multitasks well for cocktail hour, bridal showers, weddings, and yes, even work.  The dress above, with the addition of a cardigan or blazer (or maybe even a ruffled blouse underneath), is ready for work.  See how the hemline hits the knee?

If multi-colored florals aren't your style (or your office's style), you can still stand out with solid bright (like this mustard yellow one) or a toned down print with just one color accented by black and white (seen here).

While I have sheath dresses (all in black or gray) and floral dresses, I'm adding a floral sheath to my wishlist for when my year of not shopping expires.   Whether you have a reliable standby or just now decide you want one, consider getting one in knee-length so it can do double duty at work (a cap sleeved one would be an even bigger bonus -- no cardie necessary!).

How would you style a floral sheath?

In case you're wondering, this is what I ended up with last year:

Ann Taylor Factory Store - 2009 - $14   [photo credits: anon* and t]

Kohl's - 2009 - $30 (gift card)

*This photo is of me, from the back, taken at my friend's wedding last September (the one that was 2 hours after my other friend's wedding rehearsal).  I've never been to an event where another woman was wearing the exact same dress as I was, and I always thought I'd never care.  But when the woman is the mother of one of the bridesmaids, and when her husband posts this pic on his Facebook with the caption "[wife's name], is that you?" followed by a pic of her from the back in the same dress and the caption "oh, there you are," I couldn't help but get a little chagrined.  But on the bright side, it really made me appreciate that (if I can stay around the same size) this dress could last forever because the style is so classic.

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