Monday, June 14, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Embellished cardigan

For some odd reason, cardigans are really difficult to find.  Either they are too short, too long, too loose, too tight, or too expensive.  I'm talking your normal button-up, crew- or v-neck, three-quarter or long sleeve cardigan.  In high school I wore one cardigan to death.  In college, same story.  Currently I have one (which I just bought last year).  But I would really love more, since they are so versatile, especially when going in and out of an overly air conditioned office in the summer.  So I'm adding to my wish list an embellished cardigan (or two).

What I'm really loving about cardigans right now, though, is the crazy and creative embellishments out there that take a classic and really make it snazzy.  Sparkles, flowers, details...I just love them.  Perhaps it is because I've spent so many years cultivating a "classic" wardrobe, but I'm finding more often that my clothes are just...boring.  Solid colored pants or skirt paired with a solid top.  Throw in a plaid here or there, and there you have it, my closet. 

I'd love to add one of these to the mix.

This J. Crew sweater is soft and feminine, a great complement to a pencil skirt and pumps.

I love the studs on this one.  But you already knew that.

I could see myself rocking this military-inspired one on weekends, too.

And these ruffles are a sweet touch without being too saccharine.

An alternative is to add a fun brooch or other removable embellishment into a plain sweater, which I've done a few times to my cardigan (singular).

What is your favorite type of sweater embellishment?


  1. Cute choices! I agree, every time I find a cardi I love, it is too darn expensive!

    xoxo Maria

  2. Thanks, Maria! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has difficulty with cardigans. :)

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