Thursday, November 11, 2010

The secret

office fashion blogger brown franco sarto boots skinny jeans jcrew oxford braided belt cardigan casual friday look
office fashion blogger jcrew oxford braided belt cardigan urban outfitters double finger two ring casual friday look
office fashion blogger brown franco sarto boots casual friday look

The Rundown:
1 + 17 + 24 + 27
Necklace from Gottschalks - 2008 - $6 (similar)
Urban Outfitters double-finger ring - 2010 - birthday gift (here)
Vintage braided belt - 2010 - $12 (similar)

What worked:
Unlike yesterday, when I dressed to be seen, today was all about hunkering down in my cube, headphones on, and churning away on a second draft of a marketing plan that's due in the morning (my first...and have I mentioned I've never even seen one?).  So I dressed for warmth and comfort. Since I apparently forgot about the world of flats when I planned my inventory, these are the only flats I picked, so boots it was for the second time this week (spoiler alert--they're part of tomorrow's outfit, too). This shirt is one size too big--I was at the outlet and didn't want to bother with the dressing room, so I just guessed--so I belted it. I often belt outside the cardigan (see here, here, and here), and have belted an untucked button-up before, but this time I figured I'd try belting under the cardigan. Not too shabby.

What didn't:
Um...not much. I think in a lot of offices this outfit might be best reserved for Casual Friday, but we're not all that strict, and since tomorrow is Veterans Day and a lot people just took Friday off as well, most folks were a little more casual. But I'm not sure, since I was holed away in my cube all day.

On to the title of this post--I've found the secret to taking decent outfit photos. Well, there's more than one. 1) Take them myself (no offense to K but I just can't smile naturally at someone else) and 2) put on some background music. So far Sara Bareilles has been working wonders for my solo photo sessions--how can you NOT smile while listening to "Many the Miles"?

The only problem with having music on while taking photos is I end up with half-dance-y photos like this:
office fashion blogger brown franco sarto boots skinny jeans jcrew oxford braided belt cardigan casual friday look
Leaping leprechauns, what am I doing?

What are your secrets to taking natural-looking photos? (this is for you non-blogger folks out there, too.)


  1. I love your outfit and the double ring! I find myself more comfortable in front of my tripod than an actual photographer. I'm a little cheesy, so I don't think my photos are all that natural, but I try to do normal things with some extra oomph.

  2. What a cute outfit! I am in desperate need of flat boots, hopefully I'll get around to purchasing some after the 30 for 30 is over! As for pictures, my main problem is location and lighting. I'm hoping to enlist my little sister to be the photographer tomorrow--outside!

  3. Many the Miles! i love that song. I shall trying playing music int he morning so i can take photos properly. good idea. i'm usually rushing so it's totally panic everywhere.

    also, love the belt and boots! i hope you finished the marketing plan. :)

  4. I love this outfit and any pictures that contain half-dancing! That was awesome :) I have always loved pictures that were taken in "natural" people in conversation, etc.

  5. Cool outfit today. I love those boots.

    I have a hard time looking natural when the hubs takes my outfit photos as well so I just use my remote/tripod or self-timer.

  6. lol love that last picture!

    I definitely dress based on what I have on my schedule, so my more casual or more experimental outfits are on days when I won't emerge from my cube. Except for coffee... and then I tell myself that others in the hallways are jealous of my bravery, lol!


  7. As you said this is a great 'buckle down and work done' outfit. I like how you still manage to look chic and professional while going for a more laid-back look that will allow you to really focus on the task at hand. - Katy

  8. Love that sexy boots! Can never seem to find sexy flat ones in Singapore :(

  9. Oh! My secrets to taking natural-looking photos? I have 2.

    1) Find someone who you are most comfortable with in whichever state you are in so that you don't have to pretend when having your photos taken. For example, in my case, The Better Half takes most of my pictures and he is someone whom I am most comfortable with. He also has the habit to take pictures of me whenever I'm caught unaware ala paparazzi style.

    2) Whenever I am in need of more natural zest in my shots, I will ask The Better Half to put the camera on sequential mode and then tell me really funny stories or making funny remarks/comments. That's when I let my off my guard and my naturalness will shine through while the camera snap several times continuously.

  10. I took my own photos today, and I think it went better (although running from camera to spot where my shot was, felt a little silly). My husband takes a picture and goes "looks hot!" and hands me the camera where I say "what is my hair doing here? What's with that face? redo!"

    This look is great! It's certainly office appropriate!

  11. Love this look, and your blog! I am officially a follower. I hope you'll return the favor if you like what you see on mine! I think we have similar (ahem, great) taste!

    xo Lauren

  12. I love your ring! And that you're writing the day on the TV.

  13. This is my favorite belting of yours.

  14. Thanks everyone! I ended up spending more than half my Vets Day holiday still working on the marketing plan, too (in these boots, again).

    @ erin - my husband does the same thing. That's why I take the photos myself now. :)

    @ myfashiontake - I like the sequential photos idea! I'll have to try that sometime. I cannot for the life of me look not cheesy while K is taking photos of me. Weird.

    @ sara-jane - Location is tough! I've tried several locations in my apartment but the lighting really isn't so good. This spot is the best I've found, and it's still not that great. I wish it wasn't dark by the time I got home (and K is still in bed when I leave in the morning so morning photos are not an option either).

  15. @ stylepint - your photos are great--I had no idea it was just a timer and you! I agree with the oomph...the camera does not catch on to subtlety as well as I'd like.

    @ woodycakes - try the music. totally helped me.

    @ imwaytoobusy - thanks! You should see the other mid-dance photos--weeeeeird!

    @ eek - same here. no offense to the husbands of course. ;)

    @ nicole - I feel ya. We even have a back way from our cube area to the bathroom so I could actually go all day without seeing many people. Blessing and a curse.

    @ KT - absolutely. comfort always helps with concentration.

    @ lauren - thanks for visiting! going to go check out your blog now. :)

    @ elisabeth - thank you! it's one of my new favorite rings.

    @ kelsey - thanks girl!

    @ colleen - yeah, that was a good one, huh? I totally forgot I had belted under before! Thanks for the reminder :)

  16. Leaping leprechauns almost had me falling off my chair at work.

    I'm going to have to do the putting music on trick. I feel awkward when taking my picture alone and if my boyfriend takes it. Fail!

  17. haha! Yes, try the music! I am soooo awkward without it.

  18. this is my favorite outfit i think. so classic and well put together. i also love that bookshelf. jealous.

  19. @ evie - thanks! I love the bookshelf, too...especially helpful since there is no space for a standalone bookshelf in this place!


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