Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hats off to our vets

office fashion blogger work from home day skinny jeans flat brown franco sarto boots scarf justice for girls swapped hat sunglasses target
office fashion blogger work from home day scarf justice for girls swapped
office fashion blogger work from home day skinny jeans flat brown franco sarto boots scarf justice for girls swapped hat sunglasses target
Hat is on
Hat is off!

The Rundown:
7 + 17 + 27 (no, I didn't plan it this way)
Hat - don't remember when or where I bought it or how much it was (similar)
Justice for Girls scarf - 2010 - swap (similar here and here)
Old Navy belt - 2008? - ?? (similar)
Target sunglasses - 2008 - $17 (similar)

What worked:
I felt very Keira today with my skinnies, boots, and scarf, which is definitely a positive thing (have you seen how adorable she is?!?).  It was Veterans Day today, which meant no work (which actually meant work-from-home all morning for me).  I wrapped up the second draft around 2 p.m., and then K and I got some lunch at a deli I'd never been to even though it's only a block from our apartment.  Then we did a quick thrift store run (no finds for me, but K found some fun stuff). We grabbed these pics on our way out to the Target in Woodland. I may have to take back some of that stuff about taking my pics myself being the best because today it was really fun, even though there were tons of cars passing behind K the whole time.  That second pic? Straight from the camera--isn't the lighting just perfect?  If I didn't know any better I'd think K was practicing with the camera while I was at work.

What didn't:
Even with the scarf and hat, I was still pretty chilly all day.  Other than that I loved this outfit.

Disclaimer: I did not wear this outfit to the office.  It would be an acceptable Casual Friday get-up, though.

Let's talk about hats. I love hats. I've just never really worn hats. I have this hat, a beanie, and a floppy sun hat, and only the sun hat ever gets worn (and only on vacation). My sister-in-law rocks hats. She also rocks some gorgeous, naturally sun-kissed blonde, perfectly wavy/curly hair, usually in a slightly-above-the-shoulder cut. Now that my hair is (raggedy, naturally black, perfectly straight) in a slight-above-the-shoulder cut, I pulled out this old hat, which I just couldn't bear to throw away even though I never wore it.  And guess what--it works.  Today was her birthday, and about halfway through the day I turned to K and said, "this outfit I'm wearing reminds me of your sister.  I think she'd wear the same thing." When we told her so on the phone later she said she hadn't worn a hat that day, but the outfit sounded just about right.

Happy Birthday, SIL!  (K's sister's name also starts with K so I can't really do the whole initial thing.)

Are you a hat person? Have you noticed certain hair styles or lengths go better with certain hats?


  1. I love hats but since I got my haircut, I can't rock them anymore. Sigh. But I can wear scarves since my hair isn't in the way. LOL. Great outfit btw! =)

  2. Oh I love hats! Looks like you are a hat person, too, because this hat looks really cute on you! Love the whole outfit!!

  3. L-O-V-E hats!

    sunhats, baseball hats, fedoras oh my!

    i will be waering one tomorrow. i haven't decided which one yet.

  4. I love hats. I recently started buying berets. They are lovely. I've multiples at Target. Crocheted. Perfectly wonderful. I don't think it's necessarily the haircut, but face shape sometimes that deems 'hat-worthy.' One of my friends has a longer face, where I have a more round shape. She doesn't like hats on her, but I adore them. WEAR HATS! =)

  5. OMG YOU"RE NOT AT HOME! haha, i have no TV to look at. but nice change of setting. i wish i could change places too but yeah, not happening.

    i want to be a hat person. i used to have really really short, boyish hair, so if i wore a cap, i'd really look like a boy but now that my hair is long, i bought a beanie-esque one and hope to wear it once during the challenge.

    but onto your outfit, i love the scarf and the jeans in the boots. i wish i could do this but it's so hot here. you look cute!

  6. I love your scarf - pink houndstooth! Reminds me of Mondo from Project Runway :)

    I love wearing hats but find them hard to pull off in warm Texas weather. One of my favorite things when visiting NYC in the winter is to pull out a fun hat I bought there years ago.

  7. I love your outfit. The scarf is so cute and I love the hat. And like Woodycakes- YOU'RE NOT AT HOME!!! Awesome :)

  8. Cute, I love this outfit! I like hats but my head is small so they always fall funny on me. When I do find one that fits I find it looks better when I straighten my hair. If I wear a hat with curly hair then the hat must stay permanently on my head all day :P

  9. The hat looks great on you! I always think they look funny on me. I don't think I've got enough sass to pull them off. I love the colors in your scarf, one of my favorite color combinations.

  10. @ stylepint - how funny, I feel the opposite--now that my hair is shorter I think hats look a lot better on me. :P

    @ ashley - thanks!

    @ tami - I'm sure they look great on you--you are soooo adorable!

    @ megan - good point - i think face shape probably is key. I have no idea what shape my face is though! lol.

    @ woodycakes - i KNOW, right? Actually I rarely took pics at home until just recently, so you must have caught me just this fall :)

    @ eek - Yeah, a lot of times it's hard to justify a hat here in California, too, but this one is nice and light so I actually kept it on even indoors today.

    @ suze -I KNOW! I wish I could take more outside shots but I just can't get out midday (and trekking that camera to work with me would be a pain)

    @ curls - Ah--yes, hat hair can be tricky. K was actually iffy about taking that last shot (without the hat) because he was like, "you're going to have hat hair!"

    @ erin - Yeah, it's iffy whether I wear hats and if they look any good, but I like them a lot.

  11. love the new look of your blog. good choices!

  12. You look just darling in your hat! I tried on something similar recently and I just couldn't get myself to buy it. I think I look cute in hats, but I feel weird, like people are going to look at me more if I am wearing a hat. My little sister wears all kinds of hats all the time! Anyway, first-time reader :) I like your blog!

  13. @ ester - I am so self-conscious in a hat, too! Especially going from outdoors to I keep it on or off? If I take it off then my hair looks crazy! Dilemmas, dilemmas. And thanks for visiting! Glad to have you here :)


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