Monday, November 29, 2010

Road Trip Hangover and Make Believe Monday

Happy Monday, folks, and welcome back from the holiday weekend. Three Thanksgiving gatherings and a 10-hour drive home last night means that this morning you get a photo post.

About four hours into yesterday's drive--heading due north, we could see the night coming from the east (dark blue creeping up on the right) and the sun setting to the west (oranges and yellows fading to the left).  So pretty.

The I-5 in the middle of nowhere around 6 p.m. was a parking lot. Wasn't the first time it had happened on our drive, and wouldn't be the last. Did I mention it usually only takes 7 hours to make this drive?

My Make Believe Monday. I went shopping on Saturday and found these black leather flats, which I plan on buying after the 30 for 30 challenge is up since my current pair has holes in the heels. Took a snapshot so I could remember the style name and size (half size larger than usual).

How was your Thanksgiving? How many T-day dinners did you attend?

p.s. Outfits 14 and 15 have not been forgotten or abandoned--they just weren't photographed. Make-up post coming tonight.


  1. I only had one thanksgiving dinner thankfully, but since I was the cook I couldn't handle any others. I do that with shoes or clothes I want all the time. I often do it because I can find it for way cheaper online.

  2. I had two Thanksgiving great & one not so great! Oh well!

    Love these pics!

  3. I love that you took a pictures of the shoes so you don't forget. I would totally do that.
    That first pictures is so beautiful. The second one, stuck in traffic, no so much.

    The Auspicious Life

  4. I did not attend a SINGLE Thanksgiving dinner and was not invited to any
    Pitty party for me

  5. @ beth ellen - wow! Luckily since we come in from out of town we're rarely responsible for the main meal (we do bring dessert, though!).I think these shoes are outlet-only, since I couldn't find them online. :( oh well, was planning a trip this weekend anyway.

    @ ashley - Boo about the not so great thanksgiving!

    @ linda - isn't the sky gorgeous? traffic I could definitely do without :)

    @ lorena - sorry hon! You should throw your own next year or go out! Apparently a lot of restaurants are open on Thanksgiving...just learned that this year.

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