Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The New Professional Gift Guide | Bookworms and designers

Now that we've finally got Thanksgiving out of the way, Christmas shopping is in full swing. This week, the New Professional features a gift guide to help you shop for your friends and coworkers, based on their interests.  The best part: nothing is over $50, and most items are less than $25. What can I say? I don't think a good present needs to cost a fortune.

Today: the bookworm and the designer.

The Bookworm
Aside from a book (great, if you know their preferred genre or favorite author), here are some fun items for a bookworm. If you do know their favorite author, chances are they have a lot of their books already--try a biography (or autobiography) or analysis of said author.

The Designer
It's okay for form to trump function here, since they'll appreciate it. Things with bold typography and lines are great, and a book of gorgeous photos is sure to be a hit.

Stay tuned this week for gift picks for the foodie, sports fan, techie, and more.

What would you buy for the bookworms and designers in your life?


  1. these are good picks and love the price limit. a little higher than the price limit on my online boutique but still affordable :-)

    My Personal Style Blog

  2. @ L - Thanks! Yeah, I tried to have a variety of prices, since sometimes you want to spend more on closer coworkers, your boss, etc. I LOVE your prices, though!

  3. I love these ideas! Only problem is I am also a bookworm, so now I just want to buy them for myself...

  4. I love that embosser! I'm also a bookworm and covet one for myself vs. buying it for someone else. ;)

  5. @ anne - seriously...I really liked every item I picked, but I'm hoping someone else will get to enjoy them :P

    @ kathleen - isn't it beautiful! I've always wanted an embosser!


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