Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Rundown:
Sweater (found at Ross) - 2010 - $12 (similar here)
Old Navy tank (underneath) - 2008 - hand-me-down (similar here)
Patent Belt - stolen off an old suit that I gave away (similar here)
Pearls - wedding gift
Old Navy pants - 2006 - $6 (sort of similar here; summer is not the season to shop for tweed pants)
Nine West peep-toe pumps - 2009 - $25 (at Ross) (similar here)

Ok, so maybe I'm cheating--this outfit was from last Wednesday, before the sun decided to vacation in Sacramento. Yesterday's outfit was pretty cute, if I do say so myself, but I was in no shape after work to be taking a photo (yes, on the hottest day of the year--108 I think?--I decided it would be a good idea to walk over a mile at lunch to the farmer's market for lunch). But no worries, I plan on reprising that outfit eventually and posting it. Ok, back to post now...

What worked:
This is a great work outfit for fall or spring weather, when it's not quite hot, but not quite jacket weather.  These are one of my favorite pairs of pants...they're thick and lined so it lays very nicely, and the color and texture add instant interest. Perfect for pairing with some solid basics.  This open-draped sweater is super-light (I don't think I can really even call it a's more like light t-shirt material), and definitely comfy.  Usually I like it open, but I'm liking it belted, too (especially with the wide-leg pants).

What didn't:
This pose sucks. But I think the outfit is awesome. I know I usually find something to nitpick about, but for once, I'm sitting back and calling this one a winner.

What is your favorite I-know-I-look-awesome outfit?  I know you have one. :)


  1. I agree this one is definitely a winner. You look great! I wish the picture was a little closer, so I could see the details a little better.

  2. You look so lovely! Love the shade of blue!

  3. I love it! I'm so into wide legged trousers right now, and you look great!

    xoxo Maria

  4. lol@ at your this pose sucks comment, that cracked me up.

    I enjoyed the colors of this outfit. I'm such a bore with all my black clothes that not only did I really like the hue of your sweater/t-shirt not sweater, but the texture of your pants was nice too.

  5. @ noguiltfashion - Thanks! I'll definitely be trying to get more detail shots. It doesn't help that my husband hates taking pics. :(

    @ jen - thank you!

    @ maria - I loooove wide-leg pants. They just balance out my body better and make for an easier fit when I'm having a not-so-skinny day. :)

    @ t - It does! Thanks, dear. Color definitely helps! Maybe we need to put you on a blackout shopping diet (no more black!).

  6. I love this outfit! The belt over the sweater/t-shirt really pulls the whole outfit together, and the draping in the front just gives you some... glamour!

    - Meredith

  7. I think sometimes it varies and changes with how my clothes fade or wear out. Black shirt (with the ruffle thing at the bottom) and black and white button down shirt. and almost whatever heel I wear looks good.,2010big.jpg I wore it a few weeks ago. Almost any jewelry looks fantastic. I never look "gutty" in that outfit. I also wore that outfit August 13, 2009 (I remembered the date but I did check. and many times since. September 30, my brother got me a necklace last year and said as he gives it to me "this will go good with your outfit on August 13" and so I wear it with that outfit sometimes :)
    (I typed this yesterday and apparently didn't post it)

  8. @NoGuiltfashon and Angeline - i have noticed that if you crop a picture then upload it to flickr or picasa that when you post it to your blog it gets to the same max size (which is less than the actual max picture size) and then you get to see more detail on certain parts of the outfit.

    That's what I do.

  9. So cute.
    I've been looking for a skinny black belt, and the one you recommended is even better because it is faux. Thanks!

  10. @meredith - Thanks! I'm definitely liking the draping and belting.

    @colleen - That's so sweet that your brother thought of that! I think I just need to take more detail pics...usually I'm so exhausted after work I'm like "did you get one? did you get one? okay, let's eat." :)

    @at383 - glad I could help!


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