Monday, November 8, 2010

Introducing the Office Supply of the Month

I've been waxing on for a while about how I'm running out of things to put on my wish list (confession: I'm not. I still want things I don't need just like everyone else in this world). But to toss some variety into the mix, the second Monday each month will be dedicated to an office supply.

November's inaugural pick: the trust ol' paperclip.

The first U.S. patent for a bent-wire fastener was issued in 1867 to Samuel B. Fay, although Fay's version was designed to secure tickets or tags onto clothing and bears little resemblance to what we use today.  Not long after, the modern paperclip was patented in 1899 by William D. Middlebrook of Connecticut, along with the machine to produce the clips.  Around the same time, a Norwegian named John Vaaler received a German patent for a similar invention, although slightly different in form, but did not manufacture his invention.

Holding papers together
Closing potato chip and other food storage bags
Clipping back hair
Other jewelry and craft uses
Poking an inset button (for example on a watch)
Ornament hook
Other uses

Fun with paperclips

Are you a classic silver paperclip user or do you prefer a fun variant? What are your favorite unconventional uses for paperclips?


  1. Paper clips are very important! I once Mcguyvered a dress shut with one for a presentation. My dress decided to go boom minutes before a conference and having one of those babies available saved my butt.

    By the way, love your blog!

  2. I have to say my favorite are the big ones with the ridges. They stay put whether it's 2 pieces of paper or 30. Down side is they leave some ugly gray streaks on your top and bottom papers.

    I don't use them too unconventionally, but I have used them to hang flowers I have received at work so they dry out. I put a rubber band around the stem of the flowers to hold them as a bunch, then clip a paper clip to the rubber band and stick the paper clip end through my fabric cube wall. Works every time!

  3. I love my circle paperclips, and some little mini clothespin paperclips I have! I'm an office supply junkie.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  4. New follower <3 So cute. I use paperclips all the time. xo

  5. Thanks everyone! I like that everyone has different uses for such a simple, small item. I like simple gold-colored paperclips...classic but just a little different.

  6. haha, in junior high we made rings out of the striped color regular shaped paperclips.

  7. @ step - I remember! I was looking for a photo of those but I couldn't find one. :(


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