Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gray and pearly

office fashion blogger the new professional gap outlet dress swapped merona tweed blazer enzo angiolini nude pumps piperlime urban outfitters two-finger ring j crew brooch pearls
office fashion blogger the new professional gap outlet dress j crew brooch pearls target earrings
office fashion blogger the new professional gap outlet dress enzo angiolini nude pumps piperlime urban outfitters two-finger ring j crew brooch pearls
office fashion blogger the new professional gap outlet dress enzo angiolini nude pumps piperlime urban outfitters two-finger ring j crew brooch pearls
office fashion blogger the new professional gap outlet dress swapped merona tweed blazer enzo angiolini nude pumps piperlime urban outfitters two-finger ring j crew brooch pearls

The Rundown:
22 + 23 + 26
J. Crew Ribbon bow pin thing - 2009 - $7 (similar here and here)
Urban Outfitters double-finger ring - 2010 - birthday present (here)
Pearl necklace - 2007 - wedding present (similar)
Target faux pearl and rhinestone earrings - 2010 - $5 (set of two: these and plain silver balls) (similar)

What worked:
Today was probably the last we'll see of summer weather (although I'm sure I thought that during our last mid-70s spell earlier this month).  By Sunday it's supposed to be 50 degrees and rainy.  Oh well.  This was my last ode to summer. I grabbed these pumps during the Piperlime birthday sale.  While they're not really "nude" on me, they're nude enough, and they're a great height and comfy.

Hemlines are always a debate in office-appropriate fashion, and I have to admit that this is the shortest skirt I feel comfortable wearing to work.  And today wasn't exactly the best day to wear it. I knew we had a special all-staff meeting this afternoon, but what I didn't foresee was taking photos of it...I ended up kneeling and bending all over the conference room trying to catch the keynote speaker from different angles.  I think I managed okay, though.

What didn't:
The slight A-line of the skirt (as opposed to a straight or pencil shape) and the empire waist gives the dress a bit of a little girl feel, and the fun bow didn't really do me any favors on that front. I think the pumps really toned that down, though.

What are your thoughts on "cute" in the office? What items or styles do you feel give off a too-cute vibe, and how do you work around that?


  1. Ok, we both know I don't know squat about office appropriate attire. That being said, I freakin' LOVE that gift bow broach! And the pearls, which always look good to me, and I read as being "grown up" and "polished."

    The shoes are tasty. There's something about patent "nude" which I saw a lot of last year, that is very appealing. Very grown up, but not stodgy. Fresh even.

    I wouldn't have thought it, as I love the A-line and empire waist business, but I think you're right: a straight skirt silhouette shows more power than an A-line. Now I know.

    Would you wear a pencil skirt that short, ala Ally MacBeal?

  2. "Too cute" is something I run up against since, even over age 40, I can look rather young & girly. Working at a super-casual tech company, that means I avoid the jeans & T-shirt look that sooooo many people wear! If I'm wearing a skirt or trousers & pumps, I'm automatically "dressy" & not cute ;-)

    I don't see your outfit as cutesy at all. The bow is understated & adds a bit of panache. Plus, I love A-lines bec. they're universally flattering (also more variety than the same-old pencil). Finally, the color scheme reads very mature / proper / classic.

  3. Your nude pumps are the perfect way to go from cute to chic. Love them.

  4. I think your pumps set off the cutesy-ness perfectly, creating a perfect mix of strong, feminine, & sweet!

    Love all the details!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and you have such a classic style! I love your accessories, they're always so unique.


  6. thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I really like your professional, modern style - great job on the outfits so far!

  7. love this!! You have a very cool blog! I love your style, very classic chique :)



  8. Thanks for your comment. I love your nude shoes. I am always after my clients to add a new shoe to their wardrobe!

  9. look at you looking so chic and sleek and stylish!
    i love the details of the earrings and the brooch and your heels! love it!

  10. Wow, this is an overall stunning office outfit! Perfect for a big meeting where you know you'll be seeing a lot of people. Perfect choice :)

    Also, I'm totally paranoid about my hemlines... my legs are out of proportion to my short torso, so some dresses tend to be just a smidge shorter than I prefer. I balance by wearing the right shoes (more coverage through boots, shorten legs through flats) and/or tights in the cooler weather.


  11. I think that length is just fine...even for crawling around taking pictures! I was recently at a meeting and the CEO of the organization leading the meeting has a skirt on that was so short it made me embarrassed for her. She had bare legs, which I think made it worse. Solid tights would have saved the day.

  12. This dress fits you perfectly! I think the length is great - until you consider the kneeling and crawling around. I'm sure no one thought it was too short, though.

    The Auspicious Life

  13. I love this dress! I also love the nude pumps, I love a good pair of nude pumps!

  14. Loving the dress! Although I have little need to dress too professional these days-grad school and whatnot-I've always erred on the side of funky for professional dressing anyway, and sometimes you just end up being cute! It's not too terrible, you do a great job of not being boring!

  15. @ citizen - thanks, hon! I'd probably be just as self-conscious about a pencil skirt that length--it's just a little short for office wear, especially with my ungracefulness.

    @ trystan - thanks...I try to dress a little more professional because of my age, but more because I'm younger than most managers at my work.

    @elisabeth & ashley - thanks!

    @ amy z - thanks and welcome!

    @ alessandra - thanks! Really enjoying your blog and remixes. :)

    @ emilie - thank you!

    @basiccravings - I totally agree--I'd been checking out nude pumps for a while but the piperlime sale was what I needed to actually buy.

    @woodycakes - Thanks, lady!

    @ nicole - I agree balance is key. I think the hemline isn't so obvious on this dress because of the high neckline, and the closed-toe pumps also help with balance.

    @ martha - I had bare legs today, too. :P

    @ linda - I hope they didn't!

    @ kinsey - me too! I had no idea what I was missing before now (but now it's too cold to go bare legged as much)

    @ melody - thanks, dear!

    @ ashleysheets - I think I have a complex against being cute/young at work (one of my coworkers even called me out the other day for being obsessed about age). I need to get over it.

  16. GASP !
    GASP !
    That "Pin ribbon thing" GASP !
    I am all over it.... it is gorgeous.... :)
    On the "cute" subject, I think for example that wearing a Hello Kitty pendant to work is ok IF casual wear is accepted and also IF everything else is toned down.
    Yes I like cute.

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