Monday, November 22, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Winter nails

Ok, so this is sort of a cheat Make Believe Monday post. No, I am not running out of things I want (does that ever happen)? I already have nice nail polish colors, which I sometimes actually wear. But here are some new colors I've had my eyes on this winter. They range from subtle darks to bright candy colors.  

Some tips on wearing painted nails in the office:
  • Nail length.  Keep it on the shorter, tidier side. Find a shape that works with your nail's natural growth.  A mainly straight, subtly rounded cut works well for most hands.
  • Manicure maintenance. No one likes a chipped manicure.  Keep yours fresh by applying a light top coat every other day. I like Sally Hansen's Super Shine Shiny Top Coat.
  • When in doubt, a nude or neutral color or a non-shimmery dark are your best bets, as opposed to bright colors or those with shimmer and sparkle.

Check out Cubicle Chic's rundown of nail polish colors for the office for more ideas.

Do you ever wear colored polish to work? What are your favorites?


  1. I don't have any bright colored nail polishes like greens, yellows, or blues...but I do wear red polishes to the office. Pinks, burgandys, nudes, and taupes are also ones I wear.

    My favorites for Winter are OPI You Don’t Know Jacques, OPI Seasons Screenings, and OPI Kreme de la Kremlin!

  2. I go thru phases where I will keep up my nail polish for 6 months & then skip it entirely for years! Right now I'm *wanting* to do my nails, but keep not having time (it's such a production to do at home, but I hate paying for it).

    Fave colors? Deep, dark burgundy. Like that "Dark Side of the Moon" - very tempting! Goes well with grey flannel, tweeds, & plaids in winter.

  3. I always go a dark purple toes, such as OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, in October/November. However, when December rolls around I love to celebrate with bright reds. This year on my list is the new OPI's Alli's Big Break bc of the hint of sparkle. And my nails are always french manicured.

    Great Post! Have a great week.

  4. I'm big on OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, all year round, but especially in winter. I have a fresh mani with it right now. I'm also loving OPI Big Apple Red.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  5. I love painted nails but rarely get around to painting my own. I usually keep my toes pink or red, and that's about it...very boring! I'm inspired to do my fingers after seeing so many pretty colors lately though. They have to look okay with my pale hands though. Many colors look horrible on me :/

  6. ooo! i like the first and second options in the first row. in fact, i just bought a darker grey nail polish at sephora, but i think i really wanted a lighter version...good thing its a small bottle.

  7. Sounds like dark reds are popular these days! I've been really into taupe and navy, and usually just do dark red on the toes (L'oreal Vixen)

  8. Great tips! The yellow one is my favorite.

  9. @ from suns to moons - I love the yellow, too, but I'd be a bit scared of how it may look against my yellow undertones. Could be worth a try, though!

  10. I gotta rainbow of nail polishes... and somehow manage to wear them ALL.
    This year I have gone through at least 10 colors.... from Avon, Sally Hansen to Chanel, bring them on !
    BTW I am wearing Avon's Jade this week:)

  11. Great colors! My favorites for work are Essie Ballet Slipper Pink, OPI We'll Always Have Paris & a Goldie dark red I've had forever.

  12. @ lorena - I feel you--I switch up colors so often, but i usually stick to the <$1 aisle. that jade is a gorgeous color!

    @ jeanna - oh those sound pretty!

  13. ooOh i love the scotch naturals one. and i love that it's eco friendly! :)

  14. @ katie - isn't it pretty? too bad it's so pricey.


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