Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two is better than one

The Rundown:
Target top - 2009 - $14? (similar)
Vintage braided belt - 2010 - $7 (similar)
BR Factory pants - 2009 - $20 (similar)
Nine West shoes - 2009 - $25 (similar)
Urban Outfitters double-finger ring - 2010 - birthday gift! (here)
Ball chain necklace (similar)

What worked:
One of my favorite things is mixing black and brown. And I'm becoming more and more fond of belting.  This outfit is so basic, but the details are rather unexpected. Two neutrals (black and brown), two textures (dobby dots and braid), and two fingers (in one ring!).

Can I just pause for a moment to gush about my new double-finger ring? I am so in love. Way more than I thought I'd be. It has become the go-to everyday ring for me, and when paired with regular work clothes, really doesn't look out of place at all.  It still feels a little weird to type, but nothing you can't get used to. And I'll be honest--I love the brass knuckle jokes people make.  Yes, I may punch you in the face. I actually won't, but I'd like you to think I might.

What didn't:
I wish I had remembered to iron my shirt before this morning, but since it's black and textured it doesn't look too bad.  I have a horribly bad habit of waiting until my ironing pile is huge before I touch the thing, rendering my wardrobe rather sparse in the meantime.  Other than that, I seriously love this outfit.

What are your favorite unexpected details to add to outfits?


  1. too bad your ring doesn't have a design on it that'll imprint once you punch someone :D

  2. unexpected details make even the basic outfits pop!

    love the ring!

    link your outfit and DIY posts to
    my blog. You could win something :-)

  3. @t - seriously right? But then it probably would be too much for the office.

    @L - thanks!

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