Friday, November 12, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 11.12.10

K's thrift store finds--a wooden catchall bowl (formerly an ashtray, maybe?) and a ceramic swashbuckler.

This week was great. I met new friends, learned new skills, and successfully remixed the same boots, skinny jeans, and cardigan all week (or at least that's what it felt like).  There were also a lot of great reads this week, too!

Style and fashion
  • Which fall boot trend are you? Maria of Bachman's Sparrow whipped up a handy dandy quiz to help you find the boot that fits your style.
  • I love a good blazer, but mine are generally very plain.  J from J's Everyday Fashion features four ways to update a basic blazer without spending big bucks or picking up a needle and thread.
  • Now that it's a bit nippy outside, I'm layering up even more than normal. Necklines often present a problem, but Sally's guide to layering neckline gives great tips on making layers work for you.
  • Loved that gold necklace but held off because all your other jewelry is silver? No longer. Corporette tells us how to mix metals effectively.
Career and office
  • The basic building blocks of a work wardrobe, according to Jane Has A Job (pretty spot on, if you ask me).
  • It's never easy to ask for a raise, but here are some things to consider and prepare for when you do, thanks to Ms. Career Girl.
  • Busybody? Needy? Social Chair? Working Girl asks--what role do you play in your office?
  • Networking can be super stressful or super annoying. Classy Career Girl gives some great reminders this week about what networking is and what it is not (so you're not the annoying one).
Everything else
  • I love a good craft project, and Nikki's lace glass plates look so neat (and sound so easy)!
  • It's easy to scoff at celebrity fragrance ads in magazines and commercials on TV. Adored Austin takes a look at the sector as a whole and the ridiculousness is uncanny!
If you haven't noticed already, the 30 for 30 is on, hosted by the lovely Kendi! Check out the list of remixers here...I haven't had time to catch up on all of the outfits so far (there are over 330 of us!) but I've seen a few and these gals are pretty neat...some even started blogs just to join in! Show them some love and 30 for 30 encouragement!

Oh, and check out the New Professional and some of my new Sacramento fashion blogger friends in the latest Midtown Monthly (thanks, Melody, for thinking of me!).


  1. Oh, my gosh! Your little swashbuckler is made by an artist named Walter Anderson, who is very respected on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and who happens to be related to me, haha! I have a Walter Anderson tattoo of a cat on my foot. You should look on ebay and do a little research about your guy--you've quite the find for a thrift store!
    Here is one kind of like it:

    Samantha :) :)

  2. Hi Samantha - that is insane! There actually is a stamp on the bottom that appears to say "Shearwater." K was very excited to find that his $1.50 find has some great history to it. :)


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