Monday, November 15, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Chic dangles

Although I usually write off my personal style as classic, I can often veer on the side of boring. Case in point: my earring selection. With very few exceptions, I wear the same pair of silver-plated studs every day.


I got these at Target about a year ago, in a set of three earrings for $5.  A few weeks ago I lost one of them, and I went right back to Target and got another pair, this one sold in a set of two (I certainly didn't need doubles of the other two earrings I never wore. My second most-worn pair of earrings are my plain faux-pearl studs. Always with the studs!

I'd really like to branch out to some chic dangles, but not all dangles are created equal, especially when the office is considered. Some things to consider when choosing dangly earrings:
  • Face shape: One of the reasons I don't really wear dangly earrings is that I don't think they go well with my face. I was recently chatting with a friend who sells Premier Designs jewelry, and she recommended that for my long-ish face, I should stay away from really long dangles and go for some shorter options. If you have a heart-shaped face, try earrings with volume toward the bottom, like teardrops or triangles; avoid round hoops. For an oblong or oval shaped face, try round hoops or shorter shapes; avoid long narrow danglers.  If you have a square face, try an earring with a smooth rounded shape, whether it's a circle or oval; avoid angular shapes.  Basically try something different than your face shape to balance it out.
  • Length: The longer the earring, the simpler the shape/detailing should be.  Keep your shoulder-skimmers for after-work activities.  If you have to have some bling, keep the earring and shape simple, and you can go longer and bigger if the shape and design are simple and clean.
  • Material: While sparkling stunners are great for special occasions, it's best to keep it simple for the office. I love a basic silver or gold plate (yellow, white, or rose), or some black metal (not sure what it's called).  Sparkles are fine, just make sure they aren't overwhelming.  Alternately, try something with a milky gem, like a jade or coral.  
 Here are some of my favorite office-appropriate dangle earrings:

Do you do dangles to work? And can you help me figure out my face shape (I have the toughest time with this)?


  1. I think your style is far from boring.

    I am somewhat lazy with my jewelery choices as well. I think less is more sometimes :)

  2. I like your style, it's definitely classic and not boring. As for earrings, I always go for studs too but every once in a while, I venture into the slight dangle. I think your face shape leans toward oval? I was never good at determining face shape, I think mine is round. LOL =)

  3. Thanks, ladies.

    @ eek - I tend to go both ways--either really minimal or really over the top.

    @ stylepint - Oval sounds like it could be right. All I know is that I often get "alien-head" in my photos. :)


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