Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Made for TV

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual target top limited skirt enzo angiolini shoes
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual target top premier designs pearl earrings
Merona top from Target - 2009 - ?? on sale (similar) / The Limited tulip skirt - 2009 - $20 (similar) / Hue herringbone tights via Macy's - 2010 - $10 (similar) / Vintage belt via Bows and Sparrows - 2010 - $12 (similar) / Enzo Angiolini Siobhan pumps via Piperlime - 2010 - $35 (similar) / Premier Designs pearl drop earrings - 2010 - $20 (similar)

About a week ago, I got an email from my friends over at News 10 blogs asking if I'd be interested in participating in their coverage of the Oscars, specifically on the fashion front. While I'm certainly no expert in red carpet wear, I jumped at the chance. So on Monday morning at 4:30 a.m. I dolled myself up and headed over to the station to chat on their live morning show with Natalie, another local blogger. And this is what I wore.

What worked
I loved the solid clothing with the print tights. I don't know much about TV but I know for photoshoots, solids read better than prints. And colors work better than black or white. I debated wearing this outfit verbatim, but grabbed this shirt the night before to consider as well, and luckily it worked out.

What didn't
Not sure on the hair, but I didn't really know what else to do. A ponytail is a bit lackluster when your hair is as short as mine--I'd look like a guy from the front.  And it was a non-hair-wash day (you know you have them) so leaving it down was not going to be pretty.

And here it five minutes. So that means I have another 10 later, right?

For the record, my faves were Melissa Leo, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Anne Hathaway's burgundy gown (during the show). Hathaway's feminine tux was also stunning.

Did you watch the Oscars? What was your favorite?


  1. I can't watch your video at work, but that is so exciting! I would absolutely geek out if I had that opportunity!

  2. So very cool! It's a fun opportunity to go into a station but I hate waking up early when we broadcast so I am in awe of your ability to look pretty.

  3. haha that guy... between breast area and with child... he was so awkward with this fashion stuff.

    I love what you wore and it looks great on camera! You look fantastic! And it looks like you had so much fun. What a cool opportunity!

  4. I remember thinking you're hair looked amazing!

  5. WAY TO GO, Angeline! You rocked it!

  6. Okay, this is my favorite outfit of yours. Yes.

    I ADORE that bright red close to your face, the tie-neck is super cute, the skirt is adorable, the tights are super sexy without being too much, and the contrasting belt and pumps are PERFECT. Seriously love this!

    I'm no red carpet expert either, so I didn't really pay much attention...

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. Congrats girl I'm so proud of you! You look amazing and great call on the commentary :D

    xoxo Maria

  8. No, no, I LOVE the hair! I thought that as soon as I looked at your post. And every time I see those tights, I just drool. They are great!

    Congrats on the commentary, that is seriously cool!!!

  9. This is awesome! You did great!

  10. Nice job! And you looked great. Your hair was too cute!

  11. This is very exciting! I feel like I know a celebrity! You were awesome! You were very poised and articulate.

  12. I love this whole look, including your hair. It is a total must repeat. - Katy

  13. That's so incredibly exciting! And you picked an absolute perfect top for being on television.

  14. @ ashley - I must have been such a spaz. I spent most of the time before we went live spastically being nervous and asking Natalie what to do.

    @ Destrahan's Daughter - Seriously, those call times are EARLY! And Mondays I stay late at work to pick up K from class afterward, so I literally was out of the house for almost 15 straight hours.

    @ pixie in pumps - I know, what funny people. And the lady anchor was so cute and tiny! She's sitting on a pillow to be that tall.

    @ forevermelody - thanks! it's nice to know my 4:30 a.m. wake-up was not in vain (well it was, but you know what i mean. :)

    @ Sal - thanks! That means a lot coming from a pro like you. :)

    @ melissa - eek thank you so much! This was the first time I really paid a lot of attention--didn't want to let the news folks down!

    @ among the tortillas - it was! thanks!

    @ maria - thanks! I know some of my choices were controversial (in fact, Natalie and I disagreed on almost everything), but I like what I like, and that's that. :)

    @ hope - thanks! These are some of my fave tights--not too boring, not too crazy.

    @ jeanna - thank you!

    @ kathleen - thanks!

    @ splockhart - haha you are too funny. thank you!

    @ katy - definitely a repeat-worthy outfit.

    @ elizabeth - thanks! it was pretty nerve-wracking knowing that I'd be talking about fashion and that folks would inevitably be judging mine at the same time. I like the balance I found, though!

  15. I love this look. One of my faves! I adore that colour on you.

    And the video was so great! You did so well :) How exciting :D


  16. Oh man that's exciting. You did a great job.

    That's funny about her sitting on a pillow.

    I was going to tell you your outfit was amazing and then seeing it on camera, it was doubly amazing. you picked a good choice.

  17. OMG how exciting ! I would have been so nervous.... I have to say I AGREE with your 3 Oscar picks.. for me that Givenchy gown was award winning on its own... there was nothing like it.

  18. @ Melissa - thanks! You are so sweet (and this being your fave means a lot!)

    @ colleen - Thanks, girl!

    @ lorena - I was sooo totally nervous. I was yapping on before we went live to the other girl about how nervous I was. I just kept thinking really hard to sit up straight and not let my voice get too high-pitched (which are things I notice when I see people slouching or screeching on camera).

  19. You look great! Love the outfit


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