Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flop now, fab later?

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic pants anthropologie ella moss top
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic pants anthropologie ella moss top
Blazer via Gottschalk's - 2008 - $12 (similar) / Ella Moss ikat print top via Anthropologie - 2010 - gift (similar) / BR Factory pants - 2009 - $12 (similar) / Nina pumps via Ross - 2009 - $16 (similar) / Black bead necklace - 2010 - swap (similar) / Urban Outfitters double-finger ring - 2010 - birthday gift (available)

Still so behind on the outfits...this one is from January! And it's MARCH! How did that happen? Beats me.

This outfit is not too exciting, but hey, I did say I'd show you my flops, right? Well, here is one. I think the ikat print and the blazer flaps/pockets/buttons clash a bit...a regular cardi next time?

What worked
Even though the top is a bit on the casual side, it goes well with black work pants. This chunky black necklace I found from a swap is a nice standout piece.

What didn't
The blazer. Because the top is a little on the casual side, a cover-up was definitely needed. A cardigan (probably this one) would have been a much better bet. Or even a boyfriend cardi belted on the outside.

Although this was a flop, it did give me some ideas for next time!

Have you ever grabbed inspiration from a flop and turned it into something fab?


  1. I agree about the jacket, something more fitted would have dressed this up a little more. Today I'm wearing the perfect fuschia cardigan that would go perfectly with that shirt.

    Lots of my outfits are flops, mostly because I don't accessorize enough. I plan on improving soon, as I currently am already!


  2. I have had flops and turned them to fabs (or almost fab). I actually have on my blog list to make a post showcasing the good and the bad of similar outfits. I haven't gotten to that yet though.

  3. been there, it's always frustrating when you the wrong coat is chosen, but at the very least it looks decent and I bet it was comfortable!

  4. @ Sam - We need to trade clothes! I definitely have had my fair share of flops. Lots and lots. :)

    @ Colleen - Oo I'd love to see a post comparing flops and the fabs that emerged from them! Do it!

    @ Sorren - It was definitely comfortable. But you know, in the morning rush, it happens often. :)

  5. I live out of tanks and shirts like this during the summer in NOLA because it get so hot. I can just throw a little blazer or sweater on if I need to look a little more professional. I am starting to curate a nice collection of blazers, too. I think you would definitely look great with a slightly different jacket maybe a different fabric.

  6. @ destrehan's daughter - yes! throwing a blazer on is my favorite way to make a casual top work for work. I just need a better selection of blazers. I always love yours!


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