Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspired by...Vogue (and Style Underdog!)

What I wished I'd worn.
What I actually wore. The framed bag would definitely have been a better choice.

The Rundown:
Corduroy blazer - 2010 - swapped (similar)
J. Crew blouse - 2009 - $20 (similar)
Old Navy trouser jeans - 2010 - $12 (similar)
Gap belt - 2010 - $10 (similar)
Target shoes - 2010 - $7 on clearance (here)
Nancy Rosetta circle ring - 2010 - gift (here)
Forever 21 chain bracelet - 2010 - $5 (similar)
Vintage framed bag - 2010 - $12 (similar)
H&M leather mini-duffel - 2007 - $45 (similar)

Although I no longer subscribe to 11 monthly magazines, I do still love the feel of the glossy pages between my fingers. Heck, I even made it my career (well, some of the time).  Fashion mags, like fashion blogs, continually inspire me, and I ripped this photo out of Vogue several months ago.  It's been a while since I intentionally based my outfit on a magazine clip, and I have plenty sitting around just waiting for some use.

 Vogue, May 2010, Americans in Paris

Isn't it a great look?  I sure think so. So did Style Underdog. She featured her take on the look last week, which reminded me of my little treasure hidden in my file folder of magazine cutouts. Since the office is pretty empty this week (it feels like half the organization is off at this annual conference we sponsor), I figured I could work in some jeans on a Monday.  For those with stricter dress codes, save this for Casual Friday.

What worked:
I love that this outfit is super-basic without using any trace of black, which is so common in the office.  The colors (tan, blue, red, stripes) and textures (denim, corduroy, leather, suede) combine without looking over-the-top.  The layers really helped keep me warm (or at least not freezing) in my icebox of an office. And can you say comfy?

What didn't:
Nothing in particular.  I wonder what it would look like if I belted outside the blazer next time...the fit is a bit baggy so I think the cinching would set off the trouser legs more.  Oooo, ideas!

Have you ever copied a look from a magazine verbatim (or close)?  Which magazines or blogs do you get the most inspiration from?

p.s. Like the pics? K (plus my b-day presents from his parents and grandfather) got me a new camera for my birthday, which of course, he gets to use to take my outfit pics. Maybe it's just me, but the photos look better already, even though we're still shooting on auto.


  1. You nailed it! Love the classic simplicity of this look.

  2. Great outfit, I might have to copy your copy next casual Friday! :) I subscribe to Lucky but will use bloggers for influence. In fact, my outfit yesterday was almost a direct copy of another blogger's, ha!

    Btw, a reader recommended your blog to me since you focus on corporate style. My blog is in the same niche, please check it out when you have a chance!



  3. Perfect look! I loved seeing your inspiration.

  4. Yay! We are like this!
    You look fantastic. I love the jeans so much more than my cords. It just seem so much more "American". Thanks for sending me the link. Yay again!

  5. @ lynnielou - Thanks!!

    @ nicole - You should! It'll be cool to see variations from different bloggers.

    @ eek - Thanks! I have a whole stack of ideas that I have yet to interpret - hopefully I'll get better at doing them in a more timely fashion (although I'm still getting through my mags from August so we'll see how timely I can be).

    @ Style underdog - You couldn't even tell your cords weren't jeans! But yeah, I definitely take advantage of the nice-jeans-are-ok-when-you-don't-have-meetings-and-coworkers-aren't-expecting-visitors unspoken rule at work (especially since the weather is cooling down--can't resort to skirts anymore).

  6. lovely inspiring post!!!!!! you did a great job!!!!! you have great rings!!!!


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