Monday, March 21, 2011

Wear and wear again: Ruffled sleeveless blouse

It's been a while since I've done an edition of Wear and Wear Again. I picked up this ruffled blouse back in 2009 when the local Gottschalk's was going out of business. It's one of the only floral pieces in my closet and it's really sheer, so I always wear a thick-strapped tank underneath (usually in gray or purple).

The ruffled blouse is supremely versatile, especially in a floral print. It's a kick up from a traditional sleeveless shell, and layers well under a cardigan or blazer. Mine is definitely one my closet workhorses for casual or business wear. Here are just a few ways I've worn this top to work this past year.

How should I style this blouse next?


  1. LOVE the versatility of pieces like that blouse! Keep up the fun, stylish work! So beautiful and fun. You inspire me to be more creative with my pieces!

  2. Great post! Could you try wearing the blouse over a fitted short-sleeve or 3/4 sleeve tee?

  3. It's be so cute with an a-line or even ruffled skirt of some sort! Maybe something flippy & flirty? Paired with a fitted cardigan or coat?

  4. Bright skirt, like denim blue without being denim. Or skinny cuffed jeans. Unbuttoned over a longer sleeved top? Or just unbuttoned over a tank?

    So many options, such a cute shirt!

  5. Fish-nets and hooker shoes. I kid. But the blouse does look lovely.

  6. I love ruffles. Thanks for showing the variations! They are all great. 2nd and 4th are may favorite.

  7. Great looks!!

    How about with a colored cardigan or skirt?

    Classroom Chic

  8. Don't you love when you can look back and see just how much mileage you've gotten out of a piece? Is it cotton? I find when if a get a frilly or feminine silk shirt I don't get as much use out of it as I do with a pretty cotton top. Hmmm, how should you wear it next...what about with a bright, full skirt for spring? But I really love all the ways you've styled it already!

  9. oh,I love the 3rd look with that pretty straight skirt! It's such a soft color pallette and looks so sleek and yet feminine on you!
    What about mixing it with a layered print skirt next?

    And, thanks for your nice comment regarding my post on dressing for the rules or dressing for fun. I agree that "because i want to" is a fantastic reason to wear any item!

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  11. @ ashley - thanks!

    @ faith - that's a great idea!

    @ ashe - that's a good one! the only a-line skirt i have is red...maybe I need a more neutral one.

    @ sam - great ideas! I like the cuffed jeans idea.

    @ bella - you crack me up. :)

    @ asherinspired - thanks!

    @ sarah - hmm..I think I should! I think I have a colored cardigan that might work (my skirt supply is lacking).

    @ melanie - I think it's polyester? Something sheer and machine washable. Not silk.

    @ vanessa - thanks! I love a print skirt idea...just gotta get a printed skirt. :)


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