Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On shopping and trouser jeans

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual trouser jean target merona ann taylor top anne klein mary janes premier designs pearls
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual trouser jean target merona ann taylor top anne klein mary janes premier designs pearls
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual ann taylor top premier designs pearls
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual trouser jean target merona anne klein mary janes
Ann Taylor top - 2010 - $20 (similar) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $17.50 (similar) / Anne Klein Sarajane heels via Macy's - 2011 - $20 (available--and ON SALE!) / Premier Designs faux pearls - 2010 - free with purchase (similar) / Faux pearl and rhinestone earrings via Target - 2010 - cheap (similar) / Random faux-patent belt (similar)

In the two weeks since I've been off my shopping diet, I've bought four items of clothing, returned one, and am thinking about returning another. I've been to the mall twice, but haven't bought anything. I'm noticing a slight change in my shopping habits--exactly what, I'm not sure yet. But I've been rather hesitant to buy. I think it's partly the comfort I took in my diet (weird, I know) and also a little bit of fear that buying new clothes will change my blog. It's been really fun this past year making do with what I already owned (or could swap for). And even though I'm not a shopaholic, I recognize that buying things means that new purchases will make appearances on this blog. There's no way around that.

But does that change the fact that I'm a young professional on a budget? No, actually. I'm still hesitant to pay more than $20 for pants and $15 for a shirt. I may still splurge every once in a while on a fabulous dress or suit. I'm still a bargain hunter at heart. That will never change.

What worked
Oh my goodness, these pants are the best pants ever. I found them at Target last week on the clearance rack for $17.50, and though I pondered leaving them there (and coming back later to see if they went more on sale), I took them into the dressing room instead. They are worth every penny. I guess Target has these new "fit" categories. These are Fit 2, and they're labelled trousers (and apparently not available online). They have this amazing high waist and this super-soft fabric in an elegant dark wash. They almost feel like pajama pants (but look wayyyy better). I wore them two days in a row (day 2 coming soon). I am so in love.

This is also probably one of my favorite trouser-jean looks ever. Simple and sweet.

What didn't
Um...nothing. Except your office may not be cool with you wearing jeans on a Thursday. Lucky for me, mine is. :)

Where have you found the best clearance deals? Do share!


  1. Oh man, I've been on the hunt for trouser jeans for awhile now, and I haven't found a pair I like yet! I think I did see a few pairs of those Target ones but not in my size, I guess I just have to look harder! They are super cute, and at a great price, too! :)

  2. I read your blog, hoping one morning I will wake up and put something on that is teacher appropriate. Today was jeggings, polka dotted boots, and a striped t-shits. Oops. Maybe tomorrow?

  3. I love this look - simple and elegant. For $17.50 - even better!

  4. There's nothing better than a soft pant, pajama jeans excluded. :) I like how you styled the whole outfit, especially with the unexpected addition of the pearls.

  5. This outfit is so chic! Love the trouser jeans. I've been looking for a good pair but have yet to find my size in a price range that I can handle.

    I find my best bargains at JCPenny, hands down. I never buy anything full price there, everything goes on sale within 2 weeks! Most of what I buy there is trendy and only lasts a season or two, but when you get $6 shirts and $10 dress slacks, who cares!

  6. I saw that Target had new fit in pants, but I didn't try any on. These look great, and are perfect for work.

  7. GREAT look for you. I love that top especially - belting a tunic-y style is such a smart way to ensure a flattering fit. I often wish my office were a bit more casual!

  8. LOVE this look on you! Can I just say that I also consider waiting for things to go "more" on sale at Target? :) Regarding that, one of my new favorite sheath dresses is now on sale at Target for 50% off, so I highly recommend stopping by the sale rack again if you're in need of some dresses for spring!

  9. You are always so stunning! I wish Target would carry petite sizes.. I just can't get myself to buy pants there and then spend just as much having them tailored!

  10. Sounds like you need to dive in to the world of secondhand. I shop at Crossroads Trading Co., Freestyle Clothing, and have a list in evernote of all the vintage stores in Sac as well as ALL the thrift stores in Sac. Personally, since I've started shopping secondhand, I find myself less than enthused about the majority of mall items out there and excited to hunt for those hidden thrift gems.

  11. Those pants are pretty awesome! I'm impressed with how restrained you're being coming off of such a long shopping diet. And I'm quite convinced that your blog won't change much now that you're shopping. You're still very conscious of what you buy!


  12. You look great in trouser pants, this pair included. And at $17.50, what a great bargain. (If you'd waited longer, likely another bargain hunter would have swooped in and bought the pants!) I don't usually do well with pants at Target, but I think I'll check out this new fit line.

  13. Those are from target? Wow amazing fit! I love this whole look, the pearls add a touch of girlyness :)

  14. yeah those jeans are spectacular! I love them. I can't imagine what it would feel like coming off of a year without shopping. I'm still so impressed by this, it just seems like just a huge thing! Which probably partly means I should start thinking about my shopping habits a bit!

  15. I love this outfit, it's polished but still so fun! And I want to run to Target and get those jeans!!

  16. The only reason I haven't bought jeans at Target is because they're always too long and I'm too lazy to have them hemmed. But those look AMAZING on you! I desperately need some new jeans, especially trouser jeans.

    That mint green is simply gorgeous on you, too. I love that you belted it! That makes me happy! I am SO predictable.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  17. HIgh waisted a trousers are the best ever !
    I love these on you :)
    My best find on sale was a Missoni dress for less than 10.00 USD

  18. I am completely infatuated with this top. The colour, the details, the fit; it's all so amazing. The way you styled it with the belt and the trouser jeans makes them so chic and stylish I just want to run out and buy a plane ticket down your way so I can shop at Ann Taylor and Target too!

  19. Hi :-) Fellow bargain hunter here! By the way, I would love to find trouser jeans like yours... I heard they were back in style but I haven't seen any yet, sadly!

    Relatable Style

  20. @ kimmie - Yeah, I think Merona runs a little big...these are a size 2 and I was pulling them up most of the day, so I don't know if they make them as small as you. :)

    @ nikknaks - your outfit sounds fab! "teacher wear" always makes me think of flowy skirt and shapeless ensembles. Please don't ever dress like that, k?

    @ eek - I KNOW! Such a great find. I've never spent more than $50 on a pair of jeans. (at this rate, I'll never have to.)

    @ Amy - A comfy pant is a gem, indeed.

    @ rachel - I'll have to check it out! The JC Penney near me is really weird--it's in a ghosttown-like mall, is always on storewide clearance, and doesn't carry any of the stuff that's currently online. I may have to try out a different store.

    @ basiccravings - yes! I have been avoiding the Target clothing section like the plague, but so glad I can now wander into the clearance area (it's my fave--I don't even look at the full-priced stuff).

    @ elizabeth - belts are definitely a nice touch! I'm so glad I'm starting to figure that out. :)

    @ ashley - I picked up a Target sheath dress, too! I'm still waffling on that one, though (might go return it).

    @ jody - eesh, yeah. that is too bad! target stuff is so cute. I'm not tall (5'4) but "regular" sizes are the perfect heel length for me. I'm surprised target hasn't jumped into the petite arena yet--they really should!

    @ keri - I want to try more secondhand but have no idea where to start! I need my Sac bloggers to hold my hand. Shopping meet-up next time?

    @ rochelle - thanks, hon! I am definitely a cheap-o. some things never change. :)

    @ kathleen - I know! I couldn't pass them up once I tried them on (especially in a college town, cute, cheap, small-ish clothes go FAST).

    @ curls-and-pearls - thanks, girl!

    @ pixie in pumps - only if you want to! I'll admit--a shopping diet isn't for everyone. I'm also just a really picky shopper (control issues)

    @ shealennon - do it! they're not online, but they're worth a try-on at the store if you're looking for a trouser style.

    @ melissa - yeah, I'm really lucky that regular length pants are usually the perfect heel length for me. I could totally see you in this outfit!

    @ lorena - omg missoni! $10! I need to go shopping with you.

    @ sorren - Thanks, girl! Come down--I need a shopping buddy.

    @ Lili - I'm not sure where to go, either...I was so happy when I saw these on the rack! Perhaps Banana Republic or Ann Taylor/Loft? Some of my friends have had great luck with Loft jeans.


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