Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calm before the storm

Mossimo dress via Target - 2011 - $20 (similar) / Enzo Angiolini Siobhan pumps via Piperlime - 2010 - $35 (available) / Natural pearl necklace - 2007 - gift (similar)

So after a few days (maybe weeks even) of great weather, the storms are a-rolling back into California. I wore this on Monday, the only foreseeable dry day this week. It was one of those Monday mornings where I woke up feeling like I'd been steamrolled by my weekend. I sort of had--spent 16 hours in Stockton on Saturday helping put on a bridal shower for my college roomie and catching up with friends and had a late Sunday night with some of our closest church buddies. Super fun. Super tired.

This dress was one of my first in-person purchases after my shopping diet (along with the trouser jeans). Like Target lace skirt was for more casual bloggers, this dress is for the 9-5 crowd. I've already seen it on Ashley (hey, it's double-Ashley day!) and Vanessa, and it was mentioned a few times in the comments on Corporette recently. Let me tell you--it is worth every cent. Regularly priced at $29.99 (I got it on sale--duh), it is a nice heavy herringbone and is fully lined. I was worried about the wide neckline, but it actually wasn't that bad. It's out of stock online, but it may be in your local store (and it is almost definitely on clearance there).

For my Sactown biker babes--I know I'm not nearly as cool as you, but I do own a bike. Here it is! Maybe someday I'll have to bring it out to Sac and ride with y'all.

What worked
I love the fit and the length of this dress. I really feel the knee-length (really knee-length--not barely above, not barely below) is the most flattering length of dress. It hits at the smallest point of my leg, and just makes my calves look great (the heels help, too). The above-the-knee skirts that are all the rage in stores now really make it difficult to find this length (even in suits! So frustrating. But that's another rant for another day).

What didn't
Nothing, really, although I have a ton of ideas on how to wear this in the future. Another reason to love sheath dresses--they're a blank slate.

What is your favorite length of dress or skirt? Why?


  1. Love the dress on you. And I like your pics too. Great look all the way around.

  2. Yeah. One peak and my thought went like this: "That is my favorite Angeline look ever." This look is flawless- timeless, flattering, class-ay! There is nothing not to love today on you. And the bike is pretty rad too.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  3. I love the dress on you! I agree - knee length is the best! Below or above make me look short and fat.... although I am short - and a little fat - it just makes it worse!

    You look great! Hope you enjoy this quote:

    ‎"I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want to see the girl next door, go next door." ~ Joan Crawford, who would have celebrated a birthday today.

  4. this is a great target find! i love a good sheath dress, too. clothes that hit just at the knees work best for me.
    btw, my yellow top is from forever 21. i love goes with everything!

  5. Wow, you look great! That's a really cool dress.

    Relatable Style

  6. I nabbed this on sale at Target about a month ago as well, and totally love it! Great to see it out in action and getting love. I agree with Vanessa's post on the tummy issue, though - I also have a tummy, and it shows in a sheath. However, this was the perfect dress to begin my foray into wide belts, which make my waist in this dress look "Mad Men" smashing.

    Love the blog, and I just started following on Tuesday!

  7. This dress is quite chic. I love the ease of dresses like this.....

  8. This dress looks great on you! And gotta love the sale price. I'm short and skinny so I like my hem to hit right above the knee - at the knee and below makes me look even smaller. I can get away with below the knee if I'm wearing really tall boots, but that's about the only way.

  9. I like my skirts and dresses to hit slgihtly above my knee - Since I'm a shorty it helps lengthen my leg a bit.

  10. Sigh... I got it full price :( However, I don't feel too bad, since finding a sheath off-the-rack is never an easy task! Note that I also got it in black :)

    On another note, thanks for the shout out! This dress and the black version will be making regular appearances on the blog in the future :)

  11. I tried that dress on at Target and it was cut totally wrong for me, but it's PERFECT on you. I love it.

  12. TARGET?! Wow. That is not only a very sexy-but-classy dress on you, it could pass for the likes of Victoria Beckham. You totally scored!

  13. I like how your necklace and shoes are the same color, a really nice touch!

  14. I got that dress in black when it first came out in the fall! It's a great dress. I've worn it alone with leopard pumps, then I wore it with an oxford underneath. I've also done a cardigan with it. It's a really versatile piece and it is such a great quality! My local target has a ton of them on clearance for like $10!

  15. I noticed that lace skirt all over blogs too and I saw it at Target but it was too short for me to even be half interested.

    I love that dress. Too bad I didn't see it when I was target shopping.

  16. I love the polished simplicity of this dress! Did you bike to work in this dress or is the bike just a cute backdrop? I'm looking for functional cycling clothes that are professional and express my personality. I refuse to carry a change of clothes. So far this has proved a challenge!
    Here's my style story:

  17. I Love, love, LOVE this dress on you! You look fabulous. I love the nude pumps with it, too -- so chic!

  18. You have great taste, but your dress could seriously use some ironing! It's got creases all down the front, which distract from the natural lines and allure of the dress. I've noticed that a series of your outfits would look more put-together if the creases and rumples were simply ironed-out. Or just stick your clothes in the bathroom during a hot shower or two. That should release some creases.

  19. This dress is gorgeous on you. The fit is perfect and it's ideal for work.

  20. I love this dress. It's the perfect definition of professional and it will be so easy for you to match up with other items (sweaters, blazers).

  21. I have that dress in black and have worn it at least twice a month for the last 6 months--so versatile! I wear it with a cardi or jacket, or with a long-sleeved shirt under it, belted or not...I paid full price for it and it was still totally worth it. So imagine my excitement when I found the herringbone version on clearance for 14.98 this week! By the way, the black ones were clearanced for 7.48. Run and check your clearance racks!

  22. Oh man, I've seen that dress a bunch in the clearance racks, but I never knew how flattering it was! now I may have to go pick one up for myself :)

    Blue Paper Lanterns

  23. I have this dress too! Definitely one of my favorite Target purchases. Love how you styled it - now if I only had pretty pumps and pearls...

  24. You are so cute! You're rockin that dress too. I miss you!!

  25. This dress is AMAZING!! It looks so good on you!

  26. I am in love with this dress! I need there to be a target here immediately!

  27. Perfect dress, veri Jackie O. !

  28. Now I want the gray version. I think I may go look at the other two targets near me now. You look so chic, and classy. This dress is like the jeans from the sisterhood of the traveling pants, perfect.
    My Heart Blogged

  29. I've had this dress for a while and I love it too. It looks great on you!

  30. Yup, just scored it at Target for $7.49 today - yay! They had a ton of the black ones, and I almost resigned myself to a too big 12 in the black, but finally found the perfect 10 in the gray herringbone. Much better than black which I find harder to style in general (black skirts tend to languish unworn). It really does fit and look awesome and it is exactly long enough - I have similarly cut Merona dresses but those show quite a bit of thigh on my 5'10 height.

  31. @ keri - thanks, girl!

    @ bella - aww you are so sweet!

    @ sheri - love that quote! I agree--knee length is so elongating!

    @ oomph - oo I'll have to check it out. I've been looking for a top like that forever (ok, maybe a month).

    @ lili - thanks!

    @ amanda - welcome! I agree, this dress would look amazing with a belt. I can't wait to try that next time.

    @ basiccravings - yup. throw on and go!

    @ rachel - oh yes, under the knee is difficult for shorter women. I also run into that (I only wear below-the-knee dresses with boots, too!)

    @ ashley - lucky you--my thighs aren't that attractive, so I try to hide them whenever possible. I agree with avoiding below-the-knee skirts, though (unless you've got a killer pair of boots)

    @ ashley - no worries...full price was it only $30? Still a steal for a gorgeous, lined, sheath dress!

    @ grace - you know, I wasn't all that sold on it when I bought it. I liked it, but I actually contemplated returning it for about two weeks afterward. It's only after I slept on it and then tried it on again one morning that I realized how much I liked it.

    @ sal - YOU are 100% fab.

    @ V - thanks, hon! I am blushing to be compared to V. beckham (love her). Seriously, target has the best finds sometimes!

    @ faith - thanks! I didn't really notice that so much, but now that you mention it they are quite similar!

    @ andie - love it! I saw the black, but I already have quite a few black dresses (and like 3 black pencil skirts), so I went straight for the gray. This was teh only one they had in my size!

    @ colleen - yes, this would probably be too short on taller women. darn your long legs. :P

    @ applyadayproject - I don't actually bike to work--sorry! I work about 15 miles away, mostly highways, so it would be super-difficult especially with this hulk of a cruiser. I don't think I could bike in this dress, either. Actually, Sal from Already Pretty bikes to work often in the summer and wrote a post featuring several other chic bicyclers!

  32. @ s - thanks!

    @ anonymous - I think a lot of the wrinkles have to do with the fact that I take my photos after I come home from work. The dress certainly was not wrinkly when I put it on in the morning, but after 9 hours of sitting at my desk plus the 30 minute commute each way sitting in a car, anything I'm wearing wrinkles in that spot where my body bends. I would love any advice you could give on how to avoid, prevent, or remedy wrinkles created from long periods of sitting...really! Help!

    @ elizabeth - thanks! it is the perfect work dress.

    @ destrehan's daughter - isn't it a great blank slate? So excited to start spicing it up.

    @ christa - oh dear, I wish I could have waited until it was that on sale, but I really don't need another black dress (I actually just got another at the Gap sale last weekend...sigh). Thanks for the heads up, though!

    @ kimmie - try it! i'm sure you would look so fab.

    @ elizabeth - thanks! I think the simplicity lets the dress stand out on its own.

    @ sylena - I miss you tooo!! Email coming your way soon!

    @ Jill - thanks!!

    @ sorren - there does! Or you need us to do your Target shopping for you. :)

    @ lorena - thanks! If only my hair were more voluminous and I had some white gloves (note to self--get white gloves).

    @ my heart blogged - I know, right? this dress is going to be everywhere. I already have a ton of black, so the gray was perfect for me, and I'm sure will get a LOT of use.

    @ bridget - yay!

    @ ismay - I agree--they had a ton of black ones at my Target, too, but I had to go with gray.

  33. oh my gosh i have this dress! i wore it for the first time to a formal last night :) looks great on you!

  34. @ michelle - yay! this dress has definitely made the rounds!

  35. Ok, I have to comment. I'm new to your blog and I was just looking around when I saw that dress. I was instantly like "wait a minute...I own that dress!" You made me feel really cool that I own something that is on a fashion blog :-)

    Thank you!

    P.S. I have a chunky red bleat and some red pumps I wear with this dress :-)

  36. @ Becca - Ha! Great dress, right? I'll have to try red pumps with this, too...great idea!!


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