Thursday, March 24, 2011


Gap ruffled cardigan - 2011 - $20 (available) / Mossimo tank via Target - 2008 - $7 (similar) / Old Navy trousers - 2006 - $6 (similar) / Blake Scott heels via Off Broadway - 2010 - $40 (similar) / Studded belt - 2010 - swapped (similar) / Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar) / Rings on a chain, paperclip

I think I need to join a support group for ruffle-lovers (not to be confused with Ruffles-lovers, although those are also very good). When Gap held their annual Give & Get sale this weekend, I had to go. So I grabbed my umbrella and trekked the two blocks to the Gap in the rain (yes, I have a Gap within walking distance. This could get dangerous). This cardigan was one of the casualties. And it is so. soft. Like, so soft. And I've been jonesin' for some saturated blue, which until this point was wholly lacking in my closet.

What worked
The sweater! And the fact that I belted it. It's an open cardigan (no buttons), so with the volume of the trouser, a belt was totally needed to give the outfit some shape.

What didn't
Belting an open cardigan is trickier than it looks. See the paperclip in the last pic? Yup. That's the trick.

What are your favorite wardrobe tips for keeping stuff in place?


  1. I love the color of the cardigan and those shoes are to die for.

  2. a GAP within walking distance of one's house really does sound mighty dangerous! :) and i didn't even notice the paperclip, so it doesn't count as a "didn't work" :)

  3. Okay I spent ninety seconds of my life looking for that paper clip. Seriously it felt like it took forever. What a fantastic idea! And so hidden even with the tip!

    RUFFLES-LOVERS, hahahahaha. The six year old me would've need to join both support groups.

  4. So I saw this cardigan, fell in love and then jumped onto to get one for myself. Surprise, surprise, Canada doesn't have them! How rude! I am just hoping I will stumble upon something like this somewhere else.

  5. Those trousers are really flattering, especially since you only paid $6!

    Ashley @

  6. Ok, total inspiration time: I love this shade blue with the red. I'm logging that away. You look seriously great today!

  7. I couldn't see that paperclip- I was too distracted by how good navy looks on you.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  8. Let me know when you have the Ruffles group ready, as I would like to join!

  9. Safety pins, definitely. Also I recently discovered my love for ruffled details and would love to join your club!

  10. I bought a cardigan in the same color! So comfy and cozy!

  11. i'm absolutely loving this ruffly cardigan and the saturated blue color! and sign me up for the Ruffle Lovers group. :)

    cute & little
    check out my TIKKR watch giveaway!

  12. I really love the cardigan. It sure looks tricky though. The blue is really pretty on you too.
    My Heart Blogged

  13. This outfit is all that and a bag o' chips. Did someone say Ruffles?

  14. @ kristi - thanks! i usually shy away from color, but these red pumps always sneak in (and I'm so glad they do!).

    @ laura - I KNOW! A good friend of mine used to work at that location, too, and I'd visit her often. So dangerous.

    @ monkeyface - made you look!

    @ sorren - get thee to the U.S. That is all. j/ still look so stylish without all our stores!

    @ ashley - thanks! They're my favorite.

    @ hope - do it!

    @ bella - thanks, love! I've always been scared of too much blue (since I almost always wear jeans when I'm not at work), but I'm starting to rethink it.

    @ lorena - you got it!

    @ an engineer's closet - yes, safety pins are freakin' awesome. Yay for the support group!

    @ sam - love it!

    @ kileen - you do rock a good ruffle. :)

    @ my heart blogged - it does, but it's not that bad. i'm surprised it doesn't have buttons, but it looks nice open, too.

    @ lynne - hah ha. thanks!

  15. Oh I just LOVE the ruffles!! This look is very nice on you.

  16. Great sweater and outfit, LOVE it!!

    I think it looks great with a belt over it! And I bet it would look just as great if the cardigan opened some and didn't stay closed.

    What I like about open cardigans is creating a loose, flowy look. Makes me feel carefree...or something.

    Ooh, new idea, maybe wear the belt under the cardigan or wear a thicker belt to keep it more closed...?

  17. @ laura - thank you!

    @ linz - oo a thick belt would be interesting! I have just the right one, too. I think this cardigan would definitely still be very nice looking left open--next time!

  18. i have been following your blog for some time now..though never commented before...
    i really like ur ideas on dressing up for from India and a mid professional, which requires me to dress conservatively...though i got the hang as a far as indian clothes go..i always fall short of ideas for western wear..ur blog gives me quite good ideas..this summer im gonna be inspired by you as far as western wear goes!!!

  19. I'm also a ruffle-lover, so I'll totally join that support group! Love the colour of this cardigan and I can tell how comfy it is just looking at it :)

  20. @ shooting star - welcome! so glad you're enjoying the blog.

    @ amelia - yay for a growing group! It is sooo soft.

  21. I love the paper clip! I sometimes use paper clips to hold the end of my belt in place when it is too long for my waist, instead of doing that cool knot in the front (which I can never get right anyway...) I hide the clip by wearing a sweater over it. I always thought that was "wrong" ... but maybe it's okay after all? :)

  22. @ gmv - Oo I've tried the paperclip on my belt, but it just doesn't stay! I don't think shortcuts like paperclips are ever wrong...just creative!


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