Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shabby Apple Bali Ha'i' giveaway winner (is it you?)

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!  Unfortunately there could be one winner (and I wish it were me, but it isn't).

The winner is....

Congratulations, Meg! You will be receiving an email soon.

This giveaway thing is sort of fun. Is this something you'd like to see more of on The New Professional?


  1. Congrats to the winner. I have mixed feelings about give-aways...there are so many and I feel kinda iffy about most. But- I really like the Shabby Apples dresses, so wouldn't mind something of this ilk. I trust your taste. You'll pick good things to give-away.
    Enter to Win My Shabby Apple Dress Give-Away- the Citizen Rosebud

  2. Haha, of course we'd like to see more giveaways :) This whole line of dresses is so great for work and transitioning to evening out with friends!

  3. @ Bella - I feel you. I've got mixed feelings about it, and I do have some limits to how proactive I can be with my blog (with the day job and all). And I know it can be a bit annoying for some readers who prefer content. Just curious, though.

    @ Ashley - If I could get Shabby Apple giveaways all the time I'd definitely do them! Saving up to buy my own someday (way higher than my normal dress budget). We'll see what comes up in the future, though!


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