Thursday, March 3, 2011

From lump to lady

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans jcrew outlet dress skinny jeans franco sarto boots
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans jcrew outlet dress skinny jeans franco sarto boots
J. Crew outlet dress - 2009 - $20 (similar) / J & Company skinny jeans via Renew Denim - 2009 - $40 (similar) / Franco Sarto boots via Macy's - 2010 - gift (similar) / Vintage braided belt via Bows and Arrows - 2010 - $7 (similar) / Silver ball earrings via Target - 2010 - $5 for two pairs (similar) / Urban Outfitters double finger ring - 2010 - gift (available) / Random stretchy headband

What do you do when you feel like a lump in the morning? Put on a dress, pretend it's a shirt, and show as little midweek jean as possible. Goodness, this outfit was comfy. I don't remember much else about it

What worked
The slimness all the way down and the waist punctuated by the belt. Black + brown = love. The slicked back hair was pretty fun, too. I rarely go without bangs, but I do like them to be long enough to do this.

What didn't
In many offices, this would be best suited to a Friday (if jeans are even allowed). Luckily it was a pretty chill day at work so jeans were okay.

What is your fallback comfy outfit or formula?


  1. Love it! What a sleek, chic silhouette!

  2. Oh so chic. Don't you just love it when an outfit you put on to be cozy turns out fabulous?

  3. My go to comfy is usually a tunic or dress with leggings, and boots if I want to look presentable. Unfortunately I don't have many tunics so I stick with the couple of jersey-like dresses I have. So comffyyyy.

    I like this look but I think jeans under dresses always feel and look too bulky. It works on you, but not something I'd do. Maybe change the color of the boots or jeans to amp up the contrast? Just a thought.

  4. You look so comfortable. I hope you had a great day to match how good you look.

  5. You look fab - esp. for a comfy day!

    Angeline HELP! I put my resume on the market yesterday and suddenly have an interview tomorrow! What should I wear???? Its been years since I've interviewed. It is for a General Manager position in an office. Thanks!

  6. The skirt that I'm wearing today is my go-to comfy attire, always. I can dress it up or down and I love it.

    You look amazing in the jeans and top! I love it and the black and brown combo is SO fresh!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. I just found you via Where My Heart Resides. :)
    Love the idea behind your blog! It's so much fun!

  8. I think this is a PERFECT outfit - for work, shopping, or having a drink with friends on the weekend!! LOVE IT!!!

    And I think the jeans are more like an accessory, like tights. You can barely tell you're wearing jeans so I don't think it makes it looks casual. I think it would work in any workplace!

  9. I love the black and brown together! Cute-

  10. I love the black and brown together and I always forget about adding a simple dress over demin. Great Look! CupcakeAdventures

  11. I go for a slim black shirtdress with a tie waist and either dark tights or leggings. It is very comfortable, slimming and looks much dressier than it actually is!

    I love your belt and boots, I think they really make the outfit!

  12. @ sal - thanks!

    @ bibliomomia - yes! comfortable and cute outfits are a great find!

    @ sam - I had the same qualms before I put this one on. I think it worked better because it is a sweater dress and the jeans are a thinner denim. I usually think of the jeans under floaty floral dresses trend that was really huge back in the '90s (sort of grunge-y), and it gives me nightmares. :)

    @ kimbrasue - I don't remember how the day that good or bad? :P

    @ Rachel - congrats on the interview! you're going to rock it. :)

    @ melissa - thanks! love the dress.

    @ jo - welcome! don't you just love ashlee?

    @ linz - that's exactly it--they're almost like leggings! i don't have any leggings (I'm a year behind every trend and leggings + one year was right in the middle of my shopping diet), so I think that's why I substituted jeans. I think it was a cold day.

    @ nikki - thanks, girl! black and brown is my favorite.

    @ cupcake adventures - thanks! I've been layering dresses over jeans a lot more this winter just because it's so cold!

    @ i try stuff on - oh and shirtdress sounds beautiful. Darker colors definitely play well in making an outfit look instantly more sophisticated.

  13. I love dresses over jeans... the outfit looks fab with the pop of denim!

  14. I love the look! You made the dress over denim work without looking bulky at all! The belt is a great finishing touch and I like that you chose brown instead of black for it!

  15. @ tiffany - me too! It's just such an easy, comfy outfit!

    @ vanessa - thanks! I think the sweater dress material helps (rather than jersey or something flowier that would show the denim through it).

  16. the look is great! love your boots. my fall back is definitely my denim flares and a blazer.

  17. @ oomph - oo I love a good jeans + blazer combo, too! Although on lumpy days my bootcuts don't fit so well. :P


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