Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The New Professional Gift Guide | Sports fans and foodies

In part two of the New Professional gift guide, here are some under $50 finds for the sports fan and foodie in your life.

The Sports Fan
If you know what sport your coworker likes, and if they actually play, you can also go further down that route for a gift (golf balls or ping pong paddles for example.

The Foodie
Depending on their preference (oenophile, baker, organics), more specialized gifts could be easy to find. Or another option: a limited-time membership to a wine or food club, or Community Supported Agriculture group to expose them to new goods.

Check out yesterday's pick for the bookworm and the designer.

Any sports or foodie gifts to add?


  1. How fun! I might just pick up some of those foodie presents for myself ;)

    xoxo Maria

  2. Aren't they neat? I'm eyeing the tea :)

  3. thank you for featuring the dodger cap :D

  4. t and i were just saying the other week that a gift of different kinds of sea salt would be a pretty cool gift idea.

  5. @ step - Seriously! Salt is so "in" right now. :P


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