Friday, December 17, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 12.17.10

My icy window yesterday morning.  Those scrapings are the closest I've been to snow in years (doesn't it look a little snowy? Maybe I've forgotten what snow looks like).

Happy Friday!  How is your Christmas shopping coming along? I'd estimate I'm about 35% through my list. Yes, I suck. But at least I got my Christmas cards out this week (err...K really got the Christmas cards out).  I, on the other hand, am facing some sniffles and deep chest coughs--but I am not sick!  It's supposed to rain for the next six days. Time to hunker down.

Style and fashion
Career and office
  • I love Jen's newest art project--adds such a great personal touch to her home office. [Made by Girl]
  • Updating your Linked In profile? Check out the 10 most overused buzz words. It's so easy to fall into the buzz word trap. [Jane Has A Job]
  • Who doesn't love a good business savvy book? Check out these recommendations for female entrepreneurs. [Simply Stated by Real Simple]
  • Some eye candy for the cubicle set. 10 amazing office designs from around the world. [Coolist]
After hours
  • Totally loving this DIY mailable birthday cupcake kit. Beware, I may miss your birthday on purpose just to make one of these. [Apartment Therapy]
  • I totally love Sydney's ideas for fun date nights. She is the cutest. [The Daybook]
  • Nikki hosted the most awesome craft party ever on Saturday--check out her pics here.  Unfortunately my felt pine cone craft was the most tedious ever. [Little Bits of NikNakk]
  • Check out the photos from last week's Created in California event. Great designers, great food and drink, great company. [Juniper James]
And in case you missed it, check out my interview with and my guest post on Cubicle Chic this week.

What do you have left to do before the holidays?


  1. Zoinks, the only Christmas gift I've purchased is my husbands. And we've got about 40 people to buy for, between the two of us. And we haven't sent out one of our Christmas cards yet.

    So...guess what we're doing this weekend. My goal is to try and make it fun and not a chore!

  2. haha, you should get the ice scraper mitten:

  3. I always enjoy your Executive Summary Links! They're full of useful and entertaining articles/posts! =)

    Btw, I tagged you for a Seven Secrets post.

  4. @ faith - you can do it! We did a major Christmas present run yesterday even though I'm sick as a dog...going to order the rest tonight with Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping (my savior!).

    @ L & Jen - thanks gals!

    @ neurp - oo I do need that! Well, just gotta get through this winter.

    @ stylepint - thanks! Thanks for the tag, too. I'll have to think of seven more things!

  5. i still haven't bought a present for my baby nephew yet! oy! what do you buy the kid who has everything??

  6. @ t - I have no idea. I just buy more toys and clothes and books. Savings bonds for college?


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