Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why I love pants

The Rundown:
11 + 14 + 24 + 29
Kenneth Cole Reaction coat - 2007 - Christmas gift (similar)
Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar)
Belt - 2010 - swapped (similar)
DIY crocheted scarf (similar)
Clinique Almost Lipstick dark pink with slight shimmer (so old the label writing has been completely worn off, but it's not the Black Honey shade that's the only one available now)

Dear Old Navy,

Bravo on these pants. They are the perfect trouser for work. The lining helps the fabric fall oh-so-gracefully.  The slant pockets don't bulge too much. They create a beautiful line from the hip to the floor. I just have one request.

Bring them back. 

I am super-grateful that I found these on clearance four years ago. If you brought them back I'd buy one in every color (maybe two, in case you decide to discontinue them again).


I've always been a pants girl and I've come to a realization--these are my favorite pants. They beat out even my jeans for comfort, that's how wonderful they are.

Day two of my lip color experiment--you can't even tell! This color is a bit more noticeable in person, but in photos it makes a nice neutral. They don't make this color of Almost Lipstick anymore, but I hear the Black Honey is even better (that's why it's the only one left).  It's pretty moisturizing, but does wear off pretty quickly.

What worked:
Fitted waist, volume on bottom, and pointy-toes are my go-to proportion...probably because it gives some shape to my straight body.  I also just love the color of this shirt, especially when paired with neutrals.

What didn't:
Wasn't too thrilled about how you could see the waistband of the pants bulge underneath the cardi. Oh well.

Have you ever found a pair of pants (or skirt or whatever) that totally converted you? More importantly, would you buy these pants if Old Navy brought them back? (That would probably help my case.)


  1. I love pants too! Though, I have to say that I'm a Theory pant convert. They're expensive, but they're so worth it. I was lucky to find one pair for $30 at a thrift store and I wear those all the time. Gap has been doing pretty well with trousers, but Old Navy...if they're as good as you say, I'd try it out! =)

  2. If those pants fit me like that I'd also by them in every color! I could use some nice wide leg pants that are lined and don't break the bank.

  3. Those trousers are an amazing fit. And I love your leaf necklace.

  4. I would buy those pants!! I really need a pair that is not black...

  5. Those pants look great on you, but I find that Old Navy pants don't work as well for me. Now, I am a huge proponent of Gap pants and since they are the same company...

  6. these pants look great on you!! i haven't had any luck with ON pants unfortunately but would definitely give them a shot if they brought them back. i love the belted cardi look. and your lipstick is the perfect "my lips but better" color! :)

  7. Love the layered necklaces. This outfit has such great touches- the red shoes, the belt, blue camisole. Sometimes those just make the outfit.

  8. I'm a dress/ skirt girl myself, but I might be a convert if I even found pants that looked that perfect on me! LOVE the color combo on this. The blue and red pops are so pretty.

  9. you have some great accessories and you're so photogenic.

    nice styling and blog.

    Im now following your blog.

    -Mitch from

  10. That's such a pretty blue on you - and I love the layered necklaces!

  11. I would buy those Old Navy pants in a HEARTBEAT. I'm currently feeling a 70's vibe and so I wear my (surprise favorite) wide leg pants faux tweed : $10 from Forever21.

  12. If I looked that slim and that good in pants, I would write them a love letter, too.
    You really know what works and that's why I love visiting your blog. The layered necklaces, the all works perfectly on you.

    The Auspicious Life

  13. I really love this outfit. That coat is amazing and I agree those pants are perfection.

  14. belted cardigan for the win! i love all your accessories and the peek of blue coming out!

  15. @ stylepint - Funny that Gap fits you better...I've fared best w/Old Navy or BR in that company (except for my brown Gap trousers). I guess it's good they make a variety for all our different body types.

    @ beth ellen - that's why I'm so glad Old Navy pants fit me! I'd hate to have to spend a lot on pants, especially since I wear them often and they get worn out.

    @ emma - thanks!

    @ martha - sweet!

    @ eek - Yeah, I find that even though their the same co. the pants are soooo different. Gap pants don't fit me as well :P

    @ kileen - Thanks! my lips are actually not really this color (they're a little blah in color)--it'd be awesome if they were!

    @ alltumbledown - agreed on the touches making the outfit. Thanks!

    @ workwithwhatyouvegot - thanks! I tend to mix everything with red (since I love these shoes)'s my favorite color-as-neutral.

    @ mitchell - Thanks!

    @ anne - thanks! I find that with long necklaces, one is just never enough. ;)

    @ jennifer - I'll have to check out F21 when I get off my shopping diet! One of my favorite pair of pants years ago was from F21 but then I accidentally ripped a hole in the knee. so sad.

    @ linda - thanks girl. I think that's the key--dress for yourself and not to be like anyone else (although a lot of ladies have been great inspirations for me)

    @ pixie - thanks girl!

    @ woodycakes - Seriously...I think I'm getting addicted to belts.

  16. I love your Old Navy pants too! I would definitely check them out if they came back! I also love your scarf and jacket in day 19. Super cute and warm for the winter! I love checking out all your outfits!

  17. love, love the pants and belt!

  18. @ classycareergirl - thanks! I love your blog, too :)

    @ kelsey - thanks girl!


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