Thursday, December 9, 2010

A shawl to stay warm

office fashion blog the new professional angeline evans business casual gap sweater rockabilly jeans diy cowl crocheted
office fashion blog the new professional angeline evans business casual gap sweater rockabilly jeans diy cowl crocheted
office fashion blog the new professional angeline evans bigelow lip tint 1138

The Rundown:
6 + 7 + 15 + 29 
Forever 21 necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar)
DIY cowl - 2009 (similar)
C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint #1138

I woke up this morning to the soothing pitter patter of raindrops on our deck. So soothing that it nearly soothed me back to sleep. Luckily I tore myself away from my warm bed and got myself to work. I'm getting a little sick of my combinations, so I threw on this cowl/shawl to mix it up a bit.  I was inspired by a cowl I saw on etsy last year so I made one. I like it a lot. Sometimes I toss around the idea of starting an etsy store, but there are already a ton of really talented vendors on etsy and the last thing I need right now is another project. But if you'd like I can do a basic tutorial on it!  I also recently crocheted a similar (but smaller) neckwarmer for my best friend's birthday after I saw she'd linked a few etsy ones on her gift list.

Lip color experiment: lip gloss.  This one does not show as much as I thought it would. The tint, when it comes out, is a bright red. 

After work I headed over to Created in California, a great event organized by Juniper James to showcase local Sacramento designers.  My faves were Marty May and Morris & Terry.  Had a great time with my other blogger gals, too!

What worked:
The cowl! I've never actually worn it all day as a shawl before, but I really liked it. It really made the outfit. So comfy. (can you tell that's my buzz word this week?)

What didnt:
I'd rather not have worn jeans on a Wednesday, but it was a good day for that.

What do you revert to on days you really really want to be comfortable but still have to get it together for work?


  1. Please tell us how yo made the DIY item. I am learning to knit and crochet and would love to make one!!!!!!

  2. Love the shawl. I've seen so many wonderful knit and crocheted things on blogs lately. It is enough to make me want to start crocheting again, but I honestly don't have the time.
    No Guilt Fashion

  3. I've been wanting to make a cowl like that for a while, but I only know how to knit, not crochet, and most round knitting needs aren't big enough to make one as drapey as I want it...I may just knit a big scarf and sew the ends up.

    I did teach myself to knit, though, so maybe I can teach myself how to crochet!

  4. I've been feeling the same way about etsy. It's hard to get into such an overpopulated market, and if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it its even harder. I'm thinking of stocking up on stuff for awhile, then starting a store once I have plenty of merch.

  5. I like this outfit! I actually just crocheted two neck warmers for myself that I love. Living in So. Cal. it doesn't get crazy cold like it does in most other parts of the country, so it's perfect to put it on with long sleeves and no jacket. And I kind of cheated with mine, I used a loom I bought from a craft store... so I don't really know how to crochet, it just looks like I do!

  6. I love your necklace peeking out from underneath the shawl and the pop of red in the shoes! So cute.

    I say that if you want to start an etsy shop, you should!

  7. 1. I think it's RAD you wore the cowl as a shawl! I don't own one, but I don't think I would have ever thought of it, and it looks adorable on you.
    2. Love your hair, love your lips, love your necklace.
    3. I stinkin love that you're not a skinny-jeans-addict. I am 26 and CANNOT wear them (oh, I forgot to mention I have a curvy-12 body, another reason I can't wear them!) I appreciate that you DO look professional and look like a grown-up. I don't know your age, but I'm guessing someplace right around mine(?)
    4. Way to make it work!

  8. P.S. I don't have a job (though I will soon!), but I found this semester when I really just felt icky but had to wear clothes out of the house, I have a super soft cotton cardigan I got from Victoria's Secret (Moda brand, I think), that is a DREAM to wear, super comfy, warm, and flattering with jeans, skirts, and dresses. My new favorite item!

  9. Also P.S.! (Sorry, I didn't realize I had so much on my mind): I sew purses and was encouraged to make an etsy shop too, but was discouraged once I got there and saw that people were making and selling bags similar to mine and charging much less for them than I needed to in order to make it worth my time and energy. Plus, I go there often times to get ideas for stuff to make, not purchase it from others. And I figure that's what everybody else is doing. HOWEVER, I think yours is darling. You could always make a FB fan page or something so your fans and friends can order things (should you ever want the projects - haha), and then it's not like you're in competition with every other vendor on the internet. Just a thought! That's how I sell my bags :)

  10. I love {not} waking up to rain! That is the best time to just stay snuggled in bed! :)

    That cowl is amazing! You are so talented!

  11. i love the cowl!! how fun! i wonder if i can do that with an infinity scarf, woot! and yes, you are really quite talented, im jealous.

  12. That cowl is soooo cute! I love how you wore it :)

  13. that cowl is really pretty and it does look very warm! love this look! (:

  14. @ besos - I'll work on it!

    @ noguiltfashion - I feel ya...I made this last year in about two days, but it took me foreeeevver to do a scoodie (scarf/hoodie) for my friend's Christmas present (that is, I gave it to her the following September).

    @ ashley - crocheting is wayyyy easier than knitting. And actually for this cowl, I did just do a huge trapezoid and then stitch it together. I hide the seam in the back. But the neckwarmer I made last month was a seamless loop.

    @ nikknaks - seriously. Seems like way too much work. I think it might be a fun future thing (maybe when I have kids and if want to be at home more), but no time soon.

    @ jessica jenkins - nice! I've never used a loom, but crocheting is really easy.

    @ melissa - thanks! I sort of do, but mostly I don't. haha.

    @ ester - you're about right--I'm 27. I do like my skinnies, but I know it'll pass so I can't justify getting more than one pair, and bootcuts just flatter my shape a LOT better. I also use etsy more for DIY ideas than actual shopping...that's almost why I'd feel bad for starting my own shop, because all my best ideas are from other people's shops!

    @ ashley - seriously...snuggling in bed is the best!

    @ t - I think I saw some listings on etsy that had an infinity scarf almost shaped like a cowl. I think you'd have to wrap it twice.

    @ curls - thanks!

    @ linley - you know, even though the crochet leaves a lot of holes, it is really warm! And I only used sale yarn from Joann's (nothing fancy).

    @ colleen - Sure thing...I'll try to figure something out!

  15. Angeline I Love this look, casual yet wintery chic! This shawl is perfect.

    I am a New Professional too and am SO happy to have discovered your blog :)

  16. I adore this. It's definitely a comfy outfit, but looks amazing! I would have never thought to wear a cowl as a shawl. I do that too, I make my own versions of things I seen and fall in love with on etsy. Now if only I could knit!

    I usually revert to a thick pair of tights and a dress that's not so fitted when I want to be comfy but have meetings and things to attend too at work.

  17. I absolutely love the shawl! I wish I had that for my dress I am about to put on for my work party to keep me warm:)

  18. @ virginie - Welcome and thank you!

    @ pixie - Thanks, girl! I wish I could knit, too...I have knitting needles in various sizes but I usually just crochet since it's soo much easier.

    @ classycareergirl - Thanks! I've never thought about wearing it with a more dressy outfit, but now that you mention it, that is a great idea!

  19. i really love this look! the shawl looks so cute.


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