Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simplicity rules

office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional swapped pencil skirt enzo angiolini nude pumps t-shirt faux pearls dark tights
office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional enzo angiolini nude pumps dark tights
office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional sephora jumbo lip pencil 411 pomegranate

The Rundown:
5 + 12 + 26
Premier Designs faux pearls - 2010 - free with purchase (similar)
Urban Outfitters two-finger ring - 2010 - gift (available)
Dark tights - no idea - no idea
Sephora jumbo lip pencil in color 411 (discontinued color, but looks similar to Fancy Red)

For the first week or so of this challenge, I was kicking myself for including my nude shoes because winter was coming and my stockingless legs were about to go into hiding. And then I saw fellow remixer A Fashionista Moment rock a dark tights + nude heels look and I knew I had to try it.  I think the key to this look is the black skirt, which elongates the legs upwards to combat the nude shoe cutting off your leg line.  My verdict - I love this.  I'd like to try this with a patterned or textured tight next time.

Lip color experiment day four -- this is the same red pencil I used on day one, but without the pink on top. It's more an orange-toned red, and paired with a bunch of neutrals works well. I really liked this because a) it was easy to apply and b) it stayed on a long time, almost like a stain. I used plain cherry chapstick as a base and as moisturizer.

What worked: 
The simplicity does it. I mean, really, there are few outfits easier to put together than this one.

What didn't:
I forgot to put on earrings.  A basic pearl stud would have been nice.

Have you tried the dark tights + light shoe combo? How do you work it?


  1. man, you are right - sometimes simplicity is the best! This outfit is amazing!

  2. It may be simple, but this outfit rocks. I really like the dark tights nude shoes combo, and I agree that the black pencil skirt helps balance it all out.
    No Guilt Fashion

  3. Fab! The dark tights and light shoes are really marvelous together.

  4. I love light colored shoes and dark tights! Contrast adds to much to an outfit :)


  5. I love the way this outfit came together! It's lovely!!

    You look so Audrey Hepburn today...classic & beautiful!

  6. I have tried dark tights with a colored shoe and didn't like it. Really I hated it.
    red shoes: http://scrapandrun.blogspot.com/2010/11/30-for-30-outfit-2-11910.html
    purple shoes: http://scrapandrun.blogspot.com/2010/11/30-for-30-outfit-1-11810.html
    What do you think? I think yours turned out a lot better.

    I've had more success matching the tights color to the shoe color but that seems to be the easy way out.

    I really like your outfit.

  7. this looks fantastic on you! so simple and classic! :)

  8. You look so great in this! So chic and classy! I haven't tried the dark tights and light shoes but now I'm wondering if I should... :)

  9. I love that you did something so simple. I feel like I've been really over accessorizing lately and you brought me back down to earth.

  10. Thanks, ladies! I liked it a lot, too.

    @ colleen - I like your dark tights and red shoes, but maybe the blue was too close in color?

    @ emily - I feel like I've been on accessory overload, too. Yesterday was a weird accident. I even forgot to wear earrings!

  11. (i left a comment on here that said, im so glad you tried this because i would never have thought to put together this combo, which looks awesome! ---but i guess it didn't go thru. :( )

  12. This is a favorite of mine- I'm a huge fan of black and cream together!

  13. @ t - boo! sucks that problem is still going on. I did the whole bug report thing to Google and it looks like I"m not the only blog this happens to, but no solutions yet :(

    @ maggie - thanks! I don't have a lot of cream-colored clothing, but I really like the look.

  14. Thanks for liking the red. I really hated that. I actually thought if I wore black shoes and black tights is was better. If I wasn't so behind on outfit posts, you'd see that outfit.
    I wear tights at least 1 day a week and still hate it.

    This weekend I'm out of town and am seeing tights galore on people. I guess my town/area/work place just aren't into tights so I'm way more critical of myself wearing them.

  15. What brand is the tshirt? It looks like exactly the kind of tshirt I'm looking for!!

  16. @ colleen - I like the look of tights, too, but it is a pain...I am usually too lazy to do them :)

    @ anonymous - I think it's "self esteem"? Or some other juniors brand. I got it at a swap.


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