Friday, December 3, 2010

The New Professional Gift Guide | Ladies and gents

We've covered the bookworm, the designer, the sports fan, the foodie, the jet-setter, and the techie.

Today is for the gals and the guys. I saved these for last since I'm not one for generic "hers" and "his" gifts. If you know their hobbies, go for those, but when in doubt, here are some ideas.

The Ladies

The Gents

Who do you buy for in your office? How do you choose?


  1. Hi ya!! I am a new follower and first off, I love your outfits and photography on here, really great.. you have great chic style!!!

    I am also doing the 30 challenge and boy am I glad its almost over.. not feeling very creative this last stretch and its getting hard to come up with new ideas!! LOL

    hmm, I buy for everyone in my office, but thats easy because there are only 4 of us! I usually just get a gift card for a book store since people on our team are always wanting to read new good books related to our work!!!

    Anyway, happy weekend and mixing it up!! see you next week!! cheers Jodi

  2. I'm totally eying that scarf for Christmas! Love!

  3. @ jodi - Welcome! I'm with you on the challenge -- some mornings I feel like I've just hit the wall!

    I usually buy for my immediate department and then give cards to others that I'm relatively close to, since I don't really hang out with any of them outside of work. This year I may buy a few more, since it's another year gone by, and deeper friendships have been formed.

    @ jill - doesn't it look soooo cozy? I sort of want one, too :P

  4. I am new for your site.Some of your wardrobes/outfits are so great with vibrant colors that I like it and I am going to buy for my first date. Knit Endless Metallic Scarf is perfect which i was looking for a long time.
    Your gift guide is the perfect.

  5. i like that men's fashion book, but if i bought it for rip i'd more likely read it than him. ...which might work out cause i do most of his shopping, lol.

  6. @ neurp - yeah...I'm sure there are a few guys out there that appreciate fashion, though! I tried to add things that break the typical gift stereotype (the gals stuff in the sports section, the fashion stuff in the guys section).


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