Friday, December 10, 2010

A little bit country

office fashion blog the new professional angeline evans business casual target skirt franco sarto flat boots vintage belt kohls tights
office fashion blog the new professional angeline evans business casual target skirt franco sarto flat boots vintage belt kohls tights
office fashion blog the new professional angeline evans business casual new old jewelry sacramento handmade
office fashion blog the new professional angeline evans business casual target skirt franco sarto flat boots vintage belt kohls tights

The Rundown:
4 + 18 + 27
Vintage braided belt - 2010 - $7 (similar)
Simply Vera Wang tights (via Kohl's) - 2009 - Christmas gift (available)
Kmart socks - 2006 - ?? (similar)
Urban Outfitters double-finger ring - 2010 - birthday gift (available)
New Old Jewelry earrings - 2010 - blogger meetup swag bag (similar)

Another cold and rainy day, another verging on casual outfit. I've only worn this skirt once so far in the challenge, but it is a really great skirt. Seeing there are only a few days left, I figured I should give the skirt its due, and tossed it on today. It's a great shape to pair with a button-up, and of course I mixed the brown and black (again).  Still kept my down parka on all day at work though...having a window is great but the draft makes my cubicle noticeably cooler than the rest of the office. Evidence: I was talking to our receptionist, who sits nowhere near a window, and was sweltering in my coat. Made a mental note to doff it once I got back to my desk. As soon as I reach my desk, I feel the chill coming in through my coat, so I kept it on. It's that noticeable.

Lip color experiment is on hold for today, mainly because I left my lipgloss at work on accident. So you won't be missing out on another lipgloss that doesn't add any color to my lips. This color thing is harder than I thought it would be.

How about these earrings? They're from the Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meetup...New Old Jewelry's Steven Millington-Foster sells his goods at the Midtown Bazaar, a weekly indoor event featuring local crafters.  Check it out.

What worked:
Back to my proportions--fitted on top, volume on bottom.  Oh well.  It works.  I was considering pulling a full week of neutrals, but forgot the past two days by putting some red in there. So maybe it's neutrals + red week. How festive of me.

What didn't:
Nothing in particular.  Don't you just love those days?

No question today--open thread! Write whatever you want in the comments (within reason and with respect to one another, of course).

I think you can guess what tomorrow's outfit will be based on today's title...


  1. Looooove it. I especially love those earrings. :)

  2. yay can't wait to see Rock'n'Roll! I really love the color of the skirt as well as the texture in your top and your tights - very stylish! I am a texture person. I touch clothes in stores and won't try them on if they don't feel glorious to me!

  3. I love this one...maybe because it is something I would wear? In fact, I'm going to figure out a way to copy this. You are looking great in wonder you didn't have anything under What Didn't Work!

    The Auspicious Life

  4. Well now I can't wait to see tomorrow's outfit, too. :)

    I love those tights! This whole outfit looks super on you. :)

  5. Im a lil bit country too today at my office. I almost wore a cowboy hat, too. You look great I love the double socks/tights look as well.

  6. I really like the tights and socks look!

  7. Those earrings set of a fit of nostalgia! When I was a kid my dad had a tweed jacket with those buttons and suede elbow patches.

  8. I agree...EVERYTHING about this look works...and if it's comfy too? Bonus! I love this. A+!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  9. I LOVE the socks and tights looks! Extra warmth is always a good thing! Love the whole outfit. BTW, I tagged you for 7 Random things on my blog..enjoy! :-)

  10. This is such a fun silhouette! I love the unexpected, fun shape of the box pleats on this skirt, and the tights are great paired with it. Have a great weekend!

  11. Angeline, I LOVE this outfit. SO. MUCH.

  12. Those earrings are fabulous! What a creative way to re-use vintage buttons!

  13. @ melody - thx girl...they are pretty rockin' ;)

    @ ester - where do you play scrabble? FB?

    @ linda - copy away! would love to see your version!

    @ melissa - haha I totally did not think it through when I promised y'all a rock n roll look. I tried, though I don't know how well I did.

    @ besos - that's definitely country! I need a cowboy hat.

    @ kinsey - thanks! I like the look too, and in this outfit I like how it broke up all the dark colors.

    @ martha - crazy! I think those buttons are from vintage clothes. Elbow patches are the best.

    @ V - thanks! woohoo!

    @ tiffany - seriously. I am such a wimp when it comes to cold. Thanks for the tag!

    @ S - Thanks...the skirt pleats are pretty awesome.

    @ kimmie - Thank you!!

    @ alterations needed - Seriously. I am lacking in creatively (and space) but there are a ton of crafty and creative folks in Sacramento that sell locally.

  14. I really really really love this. And considering the fact that as I type I am gazing out my window into a haze of dreary goodness, snuggly socks and boots might be just the ticket for today! Will be stopping back in! I always love some yummy inspiration on what to wear to the office. Dreaded question, but it must be done.

  15. Sweets you are rockin them earrings... Thanks for the shout out... Hugs and Growls...

  16. @ ramsey - Thanks, girl! I love boots on snuggly days. :)

    @ steven - Thank YOU for the great earrings. So fun..I could not stop running my fingers over the button detail all day.

  17. Man, if I started playing Scrabble on FB I would never get off the computer! I need to get a job! lol! I just love your game collection (just noticed Balderdash there for the first time - my little sister is the most amazing Balderdasher this side of the Mississippi! ...which makes no sense, cause I live in Alaska and she lives in NYC.)

    Anyhoo... since I am here, I won't leave 12 comments (today) but you were talking about looking at DIY project-inspiration on Etsy, and I actually saved a picture of your stinkin' cute gray sweater dress thinking one day I will create a similar top on my own :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. @ ester - thanks! I'd love to see a DIY.

    I actually suck at Balderdash, but it's definitely fun.

  19. I am so in love with this outfit,the boots, socks over those beautiful tights and the skirt and blouse are lovely


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